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International flair the Bavarian way: the FotoFinder Academy classroom events combine exchange of experience, education and entertainment in practical workshops and at the highest level. Take part in the advanced workshops with top-class speakers from all over the world, covering a variety of topics. Beginners get a well-founded overview, while experts have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and discuss their own cases in the classroom of the FotoFinder Academy.

The courses are aimed at specialists or residents in dermatology.


Important note

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we can unfortunately not meet you in person at the moment and had to postpone all on-site classroom events. While we are already looking forward to welcoming you hopefully soon in Bavaria again, it is our pleasure to invite you to one of our frequent Online Academy events. This unique edutainment series allows us all to feel being closer to each other again and focus on what we love: dermoscopy.

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New event date expected 2022.

New event date expected 2022.

12 - 13 April 2019

FotoFinder Academy International I

Practical training, in-depth specialist knowledge, discussion of own cases and diagnoses - the FotoFinder Academy combines all of this in practical workshops and aims to provide education of the highest quality. Join the advanced training events with top-class speakers on a wide variety of topics in dermatology. Beginners will get a well-founded overview. Experts have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and discuss their own cases.

The courses are aimed at specialists or residents in dermatology.

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Enjoy our fun educational programme for young dermoscopy enthusiasts, comfortably from wherever you are.


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Learn more about our imaging and software solutions and how they will improve your workflow. 


This workshop is maybe the best dermoscopy activity I’ve ever taken part in – I’m pretty happy to be here. The FotoFinder Dermoscopy Power Days are a nice event with high quality, the lessons will improve my dermoscopy knowledge. In our country we see a high number of melanoma each year. At the moment, I work with FotoFinder in order to examine and to detect skin cancer as early as possible as well as to control high risk patients. In the future, we will expand to use the FotoFinder for psoriasis and trichoscopy.

Dermatologist | San José, Costa Rica

It is a great experience. The lectures are very interesting and were held by the top experts in the world – Professor Argenziano and Professor Soyer. We also have the opportunity to enjoy the Bavarian food, the Bavarian culture and meet people from all over the world to expand our knowledge and exchange ideas. It was a very great experience for us! Although we are very recent FotoFinder users, we can definitely say that this system has upgraded the diagnostic level of our private clinic and patients are really excited with its clarity. FotoFinder is an irreplaceable tool for our clinical and research projects on genetic predisposition for the detection of melanocytic nevi.

Dermatologists – Venereologists | Athens, Greece

This is a very good experience for me: I would say I’m not a beginner, I’m a user, but I have to develop myself everyday – otherwise I stop developing. Thanks to these two excellent speakers and the many case studies, I can gather a lot of knowledge for myself and expand my own knowledge. I would like FotoFinder to continue this educational program. Not only doctors in my clinic love this device, but also our patients because it’s great when they can see the comparison of their changed lesions on the screen. I’m looking forward to cooperating with FotoFinder in the future – especially Total Body Dermoscopy – and I will soon be able to work with the new ATBM master in my clinic.

Dermatovenereologist | Riga, Latvia