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Digital dermatoscopy in Full HD
Answers on skin cancer diagnostics

Dermoscopy and video documentation

Putting the focus on every mole with FotoFinder dermoscope

Early skin cancer detection with cutting-edge technology


Video documentation of nevi is indispensable in early skin cancer detection. FotoFinder dermoscope represents the state- of-the-art in skin cancer screening. The Full HD video camera allows you to start by taking panoramic images of the skin. These "mole maps" are then used to keep an overview of the skin. In the next step, these conspicuous nevi are marked digitally and recorded dermoscopically. The microscopic images are then automatically assigned to the marks. Regular check ups allow you to see changes at a glance! If required, the Moleanalyzer can also provide you with a computer-assisted second opinion with a risk score.


FotoFinder supports you in dermoscopy and video documentation as follows:

  • Early detection of changes via follow-up examination of nevi
  • Fewer excisions of harmless moles and improved diagnostic accuracy
  • Complete diagnosis spectrum from epiluminescence microscopy to fluorescence diagnostics
  • Documentation of treatments and conditions with brilliant panoramic images, from psoriasis to parasitic diseases
  • Long-term patient loyalty to your practice
  • Practice marketing and invoicing support





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