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Fluorescence attachment for non-melanoma cancer
Answers on skin cancer diagnostics

Fluorescence diagnostics

Competence in fluorescence with FotoFinder

Diagnose non-melanoma cancer without darkening technology!


Actinic precancers and basal-cell carcinomas are often not clearly identifiable with the naked eye. Fluorescence diagnostics help you to define the lateral extent of non-melanoma cancer skin tumours. The special attachment from FotoFinder makes it easy to integrate fluorescence diagnostics in your practice workflow: this is done by generously smearing a photosensitizer on the skin, which accumulates in the tumour cells. The tumour then fluoresces red when viewed through the special lens from FotoFinder and can be differentiated from the healthy skin and photographed.


FotoFinder supports you in fluorescence diagnostics as follows:

  • Differentiates non-melanoma cancers from healthy skin
  • A special attachment impermeable to light with a darkening cloth for medicam cameras
  • White and violet LEDs for capturing a close-up and fluorescence image at the same scale
  • Use in daylight – without darkening technology or a black light
  • Treatment documentation and therapy checks (e.g., with PDT)

Integrate fluorescence

Complement the FotoFinder dermoscope or bodystudio with the fluorescence attachment.

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