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Hair analysis

State-of-the-art technology in hair consultation with FotoFinder Trichoscale

Painless hair diagnostics with the digital trichogram from FotoFinder.


Many patients experience increased psychological strain when the problem lies with their hair. For this reason, assessing hair loss correctly is essential for a successful treatment. FotoFinder Trichoscale offers cutting-edge technology in hair consultations. The program calculates all the parameters of hair loss automatically. Unlike conventional trichograms, examination with FotoFinder Trichoscale is painless and extremely accurate. The use of this technology makes it possible to evaluate therapeutic agents for hair and facilitates the assessment of the treatment's success.


How FotoFinder supports you in hair consultations:

  • Calculates the number of hairs, hair density, anagen-telogen rate, number and density of vellus and terminal hairs
  • Exclusive TrichoLAB service with expert opinion
  • Support in the assessment of the treatment's success in hair treatments and hair transplants
  • Painless procedure without epilation
  • Accurate images for precise measurement and analysis
  • Informative, personalized reports







Covering all aspects of hair

You can also use your FotoFinder for hair consultations and offer painless, digital trichograms with FotoFinder Trichoscale!

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