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Psoriasis documentation and PASI assessment

With Total Body Mapping and specialized software

The management of Psoriasis patients is a challenge, even for very experienced doctors, particularly in severe cases. An accurate assessment of the Psoriasis severity as well as the quantification of the treatment success have always been complex. The Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) is considered to be the gold standard for the Psoriasis evaluation. Up until now, PASI was determined only by visual assessment, what often led to inconsistent and subjective results, varying from doctor to doctor. A world first, FotoFinder PASIvision® allows objective, computer-assisted PASI assessment through a combination of Automated Total Body Mapping and groundbreaking skin analysis. 

Your benefits for the management of Psoriasis patients:

  • consistent Psoriasis documentation and PASI assessment
  • brilliant and polarized baseline and follow-up images for a long-term-monitoring
  • objective determination of all PASI parameters
  • computer-assisted, automatic image and PASI comparison
  • PASI 50, 75, 90 or 100 at a glance
  • capturing process can be delegated
  • extensive reports
  • standardized, objective procedure for clinical studies

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