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Full body documentation patients with a high risk of developing skin cancer
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Total Body Mapping

Comprehensive skin cancer screening with FotoFinder bodystudio

Full body documentation + dermoscopy = maximum security! 


Not all melanomas develop from an existing mole, some also appear on previously healthy skin. For that reason, it is even more important not only to monitor the individual nevi, but the entire surface of the skin. FotoFinder bodystudio offers you the most extensive skin cancer screening available: In the first step, the patient is systematically photographed from four sides and from head to toe. Any conspicuous nevi are then dermoscopically documented. At the regular check ups, the system identifies new and changed lesions completely automatically!


How FotoFinder supports you in Total Body Mapping:

  • Comprehensive package for skin cancer screening
  • Standardized and systematic documentation of the entire surface of the skin plus dermoscopy
  • Early detection of melanomas – both from pre-existing nevi and completely new
  • Fewer excisions of harmless moles and improved diagnostic accuracy
  • Documentation of skin conditions with brilliant clinical images
  • Long-term patient loyalty to your practice
  • Practice marketing and invoicing support





Simple implementation

Discover more about the systems and find out in detail how you can introduce total body mapping in your practice.

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