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Setting the Pace
in Skin Imaging Worldwide

Answers on skin cancer diagnostics

FotoFinder Systems

Putting the focus on skin with cutting-edge Bavarian technology

High-performance imaging systems for dermatology and aesthetics.


FotoFinder Systems GmbH was founded in 1991. The Bavarian family company is a pioneer and global leader in the field of early skin cancer detection using imaging procedures. The focus is on the development and sale of systems for digital dermatoscopy, body mapping and aesthetics. FotoFinder is represented around the world with subsidiaries in the USA, Italy and Spain and a global network of distributors. Our corporate mission is to bring the skin into the picture brilliantly and make medical photography high-performance, time-saving and intuitive. This is done by uniting state-of-the-art technology with software, hardware and camera technology.

As a technology leader, we intend to play a major part in the future development of medical imaging systems. FotoFinder has developed milestones in skin cancer diagnosis which have since become the industry standard. A small selection:

  • medicam® – the first all-in-one camera for panoramic images and epiluminescence microscopy
  • handyscope® – the first mobile, networked dermatoscope for smartphones
  • FotoFinder Hub® – the first platform for eDermoscopy®
  • bodystudio ATBM® – the first total body mapping system with completely automatic camera control
  • PASIvision® – the first computer-assisted PASI assessment with full body photography and skin analysis
  • Trichovision® – the first all-in-one solution for trichology, hair anlysis and diagnostic support

FotoFinder in the world

FotoFinder was awarded the 2011 Bavarian export prize and is listed as a key technology.

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