FotoFinder = quality "Made in Germany“

Highest quality and reliability for almost 30 years.


The word 'quality' seems to have been coined for certain items, for example, hand-sewn leather shoes or a Swiss watch. But what does this have to do with FotoFinder? A FotoFinder device unites high-tech and quality plus meeting individual requirements while reliably operating for a lifetime. This is guaranteed by the implementation of a quality policy in all departments which complies with the strictest requirements. Each unit is subject to strict quality controls and is custom-made in Germany. Look for the FotoFinder quality seal! FotoFinder is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 und ISO 13485.


Quality at FotoFinder

Environment & Resources

The headquarters of FotoFinder uses 100% clean energy.


With the official opening of the new headquarters in June 2015, FotoFinder has taken an important step towards sustainable building. The new office was designed from an energetic point of view. Besides using construction materials that were chosen considering the requirements of the low energy guidelines (by the EnEV, the German Energy Saving Ordinance), many regional fabrics have been used building the FotoFinder headquarters


With a 350 m2 photovoltaic system, FotoFinder produces its own energy using solar power. Thus, it ensures a sustainable and efficient energy supply of the new headquarters. If any additional energy is required, the company relies on green electricity. FotoFinder obtains its natural gas for heating from the company LichtBlick. The carbon dioxide (CO2) released during combustion is entirely compensated by a climate protection project in Ghana. This project is certified according to the “Gold Standard” – the world’s most stringent standard for climate protection projects.


The conservation of resources as well as the prevention of waste are important to FotoFinder. All systems are manufactured according to RoHS directives. Due to eco-friendly production and different technical processes, unnecessary waste is avoided. Also, when it comes to recycling and the disposal of electronic devices, FotoFinder honors its obligation according to the “ElektroG” law (Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act).