FotoFinder: From the back room to the global market

100 countries. 1 family. The FotoFinder Feeling.

In 1991, at the dawn of a new era in multimedia, Andreas and Rudolf Mayer had a vision: to develop a digital image database that made photo archives superfluous! The FotoFinder foundation stone was laid. The first office was in the back room of an Asian shop in Munich and they had neither a business plan nor start-up capital. No one suspected that FotoFinder would evolve from a two-man start-up to a global medtech brand. That all happened as a result of contact with a dermatology professor who used to photograph moles meticulously and


maintain a paper archive in a time-consuming procedure. It soon became clear that monitoring moles with digital media could revolutionize skin cancer detection! 1994 saw the birth of the medicam video camera and soon the first FotoFinder dermoscope imaging system was developed. In the first few years, every sale was an event. Epic feats of great proportion were the deliveries of big tube screens in a tiny European compact car.

Currently, FotoFinder is the world market leader in video dermosopy and export award winner. And yet some things have not changed since the beginning. The family principle is still very important for the 65 employees in Bad Birnbach as well as for the partners and customers in more than 100 countries. Every morning, we have "pretzel time" for the whole team to exchange news and ideas. Even today, every system is manufactured individually by hand, with the highest quality standards. This is how we support our customers with innovative, reliable cutting-edge technology!