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The FotoFinder Story

From the back room to the global market

The software idea becomes a life-saving diagnosis system


Back in 1991, Andreas and Rudolf Mayer founded the FotoFinder under the name of TeachScreen. The first office was in the back room of an Asian shop in Munich and they had neither a business plan nor start-up capital. What they did have was a vision: to develop a digital image database making photographic archiving a thing of the past! In the end, the topic of "multimedia" was omnipresent. At that time, the founders had no idea that FotoFinder would one day blossom from a small software developer into a successful medical engineering company.


That all happened as a result of contact with a dermatology professor who used to photograph moles meticulously and maintain a paper archive in a time-consuming procedure. It soon became clear that monitoring moles with digital media could considerably improve skin cancer diagnostics. 1994 saw the birth of the medicam video camera and it soon developed into a complete imaging system. In the first few years, every sale was an event to be celebrated. The system deliveries were performed with a tiny Fiat Uno, a work of art for its size!


A lot of years have passed since then. Today, FotoFinder is the global market leader and an export prize winner with customers in more than 90 countries. And yet some things have not change since 1991. For example, even today every system is still produced and checked individually by hand. Just like it's always been, our aim is to support your work in a way which is applicable and reliable. FotoFinder is and remains a family company and is run with the highest requirements on quality, continuity and innovation.


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