Pocket-sized dermatoscopy

Combine Artificial Intelligence & Human Expertise!

A new era of eDermoscopy has begun: The new handyscope 3 App brings artificial intelligence for risk assessment of moles into wireless practice. In addition, a second opinion can be requested at the touch of a finger by a worldwide renowned team of experts. Together with the handyscope attachment for iPhone or iPod, this solution opens up completely new possibilities for dermatoscopy, independent of the computer or consultation room!

Step by Step - From Registration to Picture-Upload

App features

  • Password access with Touch ID
  • Freeze images for convenient evaluation on screen
  • Autofocus and 20x optical magnification
  • Simple assignment of the localization at the touch of a finger on the virtual patient
  • Evaluation of lesions with the AI score, based on Artificial Intelligence (optional)
  • Direct request for a second opinion from international dermoscopy experts (optional)
  • Ruler with millimeter scale can be faded in and out on the screen
  • Automatic saving of recording date and time
  • Ability to add patient data or comments
  • Direct e-mail function with SSL support
  • Gateway to the FotoFinder Hub Web Storage
  • Individually adjustable features e.g. for image acquisition, user interface and camera profiles

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The App Video

Introducing the handyscope 3 App by our latest video in almost one minute. 

More about AI read here.

The AI score

Lesions can optionally be evaluated using artificial intelligence. Within seconds, the app provides an AI score (Artificial Intelligence Score), which supports the physician in the risk assessment of skin lesions. The validation results from the worldwide study "Man against Machine" confirm the high accuracy of the algorithm.

More about AI

Second Opinion ad hoc

The FotoFinder Hub acts as web storage with unlimited storage space. Here, images can be compared to detect suspicious changes at an early stage. It is also possible to upload images locally, create clear reports for patients and connect multiple handyscope devices to the FotoFinder Hub account.

More about Hub

Technical requirements handyscope 3 app

It is possible to activate the Second Opinion Service by experts as well as the risk evaluation by the AI score in the app optionally.
Both services are being activated via a valid FotoFinder Hub online account and thus require internet access.

The risk evaluation by means of the AI score is calculated per image and requires a free registration in the FotoFinder Hub. 2 credits will be charged per case. Images that have already been rated can be re-rated free of charge. Credits can be purchased directly in the app under the section Settings for FotoFinder Hub or in your hub account.

The Second Opinion by experts is billed per image and requires a free registration in the FotoFinder Hub. Per case 20 credits are being charged. Credits can be purchased directly in the app or Hub account.

The user is flexible to decide which of the optional modules he wants to use. The expert opinion only becomes chargeable when a case is submit-ted. The AI score can be used with a monthly or yearly subscription.

Step by Step - From Registration to Picture-Upload

1. Create a free FotoFinder Hub account

Create a free FotoFinder Hub account: 

In order to create an account sign up here.

If you already have a FotoFinder Hub account continue with step 3: Link handyscope with FotoFinder Hub account.

You have to fill out the registration form completely and accept the terms of service.

Complete your registration with a click on the button "Register".

After the registration you are forwarded automatically to the login page.

Before signing in you have to confirm your account. 

Please check your emails (email adress used in registration) 
and activate the link given in the email.

Email sender: FotoFinder Hub 
Subject: Confirmation instructions

After the activation you are automatically forwarded and logged in to the FotoFinder Hub.

Next step is to authorize your handyscope device for your FotoFinder Hub account.

2. Install handyscope App on your iPhone

If you have already installed the handyscope App proceed with Link handyscope.

Before you link your handyscope to your FotoFinder Hub account you have to install the handyscope App. It is available the Apple App Store for free.

Just open the App Store and search for handyscope.

After having installed the handyscope App you will find a handyscope icon on your iPhone screen. Activate the icon to open the handyscope App.

3. Link handyscope with Hub account

In order to link the handyscope to your Hub account you have to switch to the settings. 

Choose here Wizard.

Swap to the left until this screen appears.

If you already have a Hub-ID just login here.

If you don´t have an account yet, please create a free Hub-ID here.

4. Device authorization in FotoFinder Hub

To authorize a handyscope upload request, the FotoFinder Hub user must log in to FotoFinder Hub and move to the Settings page.

The Settings page shows all devices, which are currently linked to your FotoFinder Hub account or are currently waiting for authorization. You can see the name of the device and a checkbox.

Check this box if you want to give upload access and sync access to the listed device.

5. Complete your FotoFinder Hub access in the handyscope App

Restart the Hub sync with the slider.

Restarting without getting an error message means that the Hub access is running correctly.

Now you can proceed with taking pictures (Icon: Camera) uploading pictures (Icon: Local Images).

6. Taking pictures in the handyscope App

Slide in your iPhone into the handyscope, switch on the light and place the tube of the handyscope on the mole.

The mole is displayed in the live picture on your iPhone screen.

By tapping on the live screen or on the Camera icon in the right corner you can easily freeze the picture.

(If tapping the live screen does not work - you can activate this function in the settings.)

The frozen picture serves as a preview. You can zoom in by touching the screen with two fingers and spreading them, you can zoom out by shorten them again.

Proceed with Cancel: handyscope App forwards you to live image without saving the current picture.

Proceed with Save: Current picture is saved in secured internal app memory - handyscope App forwards you to live image (in order to continue imaging).

Continue with the imaging process or switch to Local Images to get an overview of the pictures you have taken or selectively upload pictures to the Hub by tapping the button:

In Local Images all the taken/saved pictures are shown, sorted by image capturing date and time.

(In our example we have saved only one picture.)

Tap the section beside the thumbnail in order to add further information to the picture.

Until now there is no patient assigned to the picture (Patient: Unassigned), tap the section to proceed with the patient list.

As there is no patient by now, you have to add one before in Patients.

1. To edit the patient list tap Edit in the right corner.

2. To add a new patient tap on the "+" icon in the left corner.

The handyscope App forwards you to the patient input form.

In the patient input form there are five values that have to be given in order to add a patient correctly.

1. Fill in IDLast name and First name of the patient. Tapping the input section will open the iPhone keyboard.

2. Choose the gender of the patient by tapping on the left or to the right (black selection is the chosen gender).

3. Activating the input for Date of birth will open a select menu, easily scroll up/down to fill in the correct date of birth. Confirm this input by tapping:

Confirm to save the new patient by tapping Save.

Back in the Patient list you can see the new patient added to the complete list.

Proceed to the Info section of the image by tapping on Details in the left corner.



Beside your assignment to a Patient there is a second assignment that has to be done in order to be able to upload the picture to the FotoFinder Hub: Localization

Tap the section to proceed with defining the area of the mole.

The Localization function of the handyscope App offers you three handling options:

1. Sliding to the left or to the right changes the view of the mannequin (front, left, right and back view)

2. Touching the screen with two fingers and spreading them zooms in in order to get a detailed view

3. A single tap on the mannequin defines the Localization

Confirm your choice by tapping Done.

Defining a Localization will automatically change the section from unassigned into a specific description.

Preparation for upload to the FotoFinder Hub is finished now. In order to start uploading proceed with Local Images in the left corner.

The following step is optional.

Tapping the section beside the thumbnail you can easily add some further information or a comment to the picture. This comment will later on be visible in the Fotofinder Hub, too. 

Confirm your comment by tapping Done and proceed with Images.

7. Uploading pictures to the FotoFinder Hub

Uploading from the handyscope App always starts in Local Images. Tap on the upload icon in the left corner to unlock the upload function.

If there is only one picture or if you want to choose select pictures you have to tap and it will be marked automatically as "selected".

If you want to select all pictures out of Local Images tap on Select All and all will be marked automatically as "selected".


In order to start the upload tap on Hub and the app will start with uploading the images. You can check the upload process in the progress bar.

After the succesful upload, the images will be marked with a Hub icon.

8. Request a Second Opinion

With Second Opinion you have an additional service at your disposal. 

You can obtain a second opinion from experienced international dermatologists. Prerequisite is a FotoFinder Hub account.

The request is subject to a fee (see 10. Buy credits).

Request Second Opinion:
Tap on Local Images and select the desired image by tapping the right arrow. The detail screen appears.


Tap Request second opinion and then tap Next.

On the next page, you will see the image again with localization and recording data.

Enter a message if necessary and then tap Message (optional).

If you tap on Second Opinions in the menu bar, you will get to your overview of all requested second opinions.

New requests that have not yet been processed can be found under Inbox, all requests that have already been rated can be found under Pending.
Tap on the arrow to the right of each line to call it up.


9. Optional scoring based on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The data of the AI score are based on statistical results. They do not replace a medical diagnosis! The system should only support the diagnosis.

The request of an AI score is subject to charge (see 10. Buy credits).

Request AI Score:

Call up the image to be examined under Local Images in full screen mode and tap on AI Score in the upper right corner.

The AI Score is calculated as a value (0 to 1) and also displayed as a bar.

AI Score Statement Information:
This function helps you to classify the nevus in an understandable way for the patient:
Lesions with a high score must be observed with great attention. 
■ 0 - 0.49 inconspicuous (control within a reasonable period of time)
■ 0.50 - 1.0 conspicuous, watch closely

10. Buy credits

The chargeable features AI Score and Second Opinion can only be used if you have previously purchased credits.
Proceed as described below:

  1. Tap on FotoFinder Hub in the settings and then on Buy Credits.

You can see your current credit status in the right corner.

  1. Select how many credits you want to buy (10 or 25) and tap on it.
  2. Tap on Buy now.