The Hub, features and expert systems

FotoFinder Hub

FotoFinder Hub allows you to syncronize your patient database between FotoFinder Hub and handyscope.

You can access your full FotoFinder Hub patient list on your handyscope in order to assign patients to your mobile images in the handyscope App. Conversely, new patients created on the handyscope will be added to your FotoFinder Hub patient list.

Actively logging off the service (in the app settings) will remove the synchronized patients from the app list again.

Images can be uploaded from handyscope to your personal FotoFinder Hub database by selecting individual or all images from the image list in the handyscope App. This allows you to create a safe archive of your images accessible everywhere online.

FotoFinder Hub gallery shows images in a chronological order for each patient. The selected images are visualized together with the schematic overview image. It corresponds to the virtual patient in the handyscope App.

Not only it shows the shooting date and localization, but also you can add personal comments to every picture.

Report Printing

Images can be easily selected and processed into a PDF-Report.

Image Comparison

Selecting two images allows you a side-by-side comparison with extensive pan and zoom features.

Personalized Report Printing

In addition to basic report printing, the PRO plan allows you to personalize the report header with your clinic data and logo.

Upload Local Images

The PRO plan provides you with an upload option for your local images, in addition to the handyscope upload function. Thus, FotoFinder Hub becomes the central storage for all your medical images!

Second Opinion

Beside the storage and synchronization, FotoFinder Hub also serves as platform for a professional Second Opinion Service by international experts in dermoscopy. Send the uploaded images directly from the FotoFinder Hub to an expert team.

Within 24 hours you receive a second opinion rating. Internationally renowned skin cancer specialists provide you with the best available diagnostic quality. You will be notified by email once the rating is available. The report is automatically returned into your FotoFinder Hub account and can be downloaded as PDF document.

The Second Opinion Service is managed through a credit point system. Users can obtain credits via a credit card gateway and purchase credits in several package sizes for second opinion requests. Each requested image will reduce the user’s credit point account by 20 credits.

FotoFinder Trichoscale pro

FotoFinder Trichoscale pro is the tool for counting hairs digitally with handyscope. It can be considered as a modified version of the trichogram, combining epiluminescence microscopy with digital image analysis for the measurement of hair. Install the local FotoFinder Trichoscale pro software and enjoy the direct login to your FotoFinder Hub account. More on FotoFinder Trichoscale pro.

The noninvasive method can be used to determine the main parameters of hair growth automatically and painlessly. The FotoFinder Trichoscale pro software assumes that anagen hair grows at a rate of about 0.3 mm a day, whereas telogen hair does not grow at all. The software detects hairs, measures their length and uses this information for automatic calculation of number of hair, hair density and anagen-telogen rate. The vellus and terminal hair number and density are determined as well. 

This method is advantageous because it is possible to take photographs easily and quickly, the process is painless and it is possible to reproduce and store the results. The same areas of the scalp can be examined again and again. Therefore, it is recommended to do clinical photo documentation.

Thus, FotoFinder Trichoscale pro helps quantifying hair loss and evaluating the results of hair treatments. By taking sequential photographs, e.g. before and 6 months after the beginning of the treatment, detailed reports may be drawn up with regard to the success or the failure of the treatment.

Private Group

FotoFinder Hub can be licenced as a platform for teledermatology projects with private user groups. For example, a dermatologist could review dermatoscopic images taken by general practicioners in his region. Within an institution physicians upload their images for review by experts of the clinic. Thanks to its cost- and time-saving workflow FotoFinder makes efficient telemedicine projects possible. Please contact FotoFinder for additional information about Private Groups.

FotoFinder Hub Security

FotoFinder Hub is compliant with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) privacy and security rules. The sophisticated security measures and architecture implemented for FotoFinder Hubmeets HIPAA requirement for PHI (Protected Health Information).

FotoFinder Hub encrypts patient data during upload and downloads transfer, as well as throughout the entire storage period. FotoFinder Hub utilizes a secure environment similar to online banking when users are logged in.
FotoFinder Hub employs SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0 Encrypted Data Transmission.
FotoFinder Hub processes all data including PHI using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Individual Privacy and Settings
FotoFinder Hub is a password-protected platform, which prohibits profile and group information to appear on internet search engines. Access settings are controlled individually.

Secure Data Centers 
FotoFinder Hub stores all uploaded data on servers which are located in high security facilities with 24/7surveillance and access control.

Data Storage 
FotoFinder Hub user administrative data and patient data are stored separately for increased security.
FotoFinder Hub employs the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 to encrypt image and patient information.

Secure Backups 
FotoFinder Hub data is regularly backed up by managed backup processes. All Backup data is encrypted similar to the original data.

Password Security 
FotoFinder Hub login passwords are case sensitive and must have a minimum length of 6 characters.

Audit Logs
Sophistcated audit logs monitor user access and any alteration operations on PHI data.

Intruder Protection
FotoFinder Hub servers are secured by managed firewalls, anti-virus protection and host intrusion detection.