Work & Flow Online Demo / ATBM master

Dermoscopy, Total Body Mapping and management of risk patients

This online demo shows you how you can get an overview of the birthmark status of your patients in the shortest possible time - and that already in the full body image. The combination of highest image quality, revolutionary software features and Artificial Intelligence enables an unique and future-oriented approach: the Total Body Dermoscopy workflow. We demonstrate the interplay of Total Body Mapping and the subsequent dermoscopy of atypical lesions with the integrated video camera medicam 1000s. Discover how this workflow can help you to optimally integrate the ATBM master into your daily work routine and significantly improve the early detection of skin cancer in your practice or clinic.  

Agenda overview

Our program for you

Approx. duration Point of program
15 min Hardware and specifications
15 min Workflow Total Body Mapping and cases
15 min Workflow dermoscopy and cases
15 min Q&A: Questions and answers

Session overview:

New dates will be announced soon.