Work & Flow Online Demo / handyscope

The new handyscope, AI & wireless dermoscopy

  Join this online demo show and emerge into the eDermoscopy world of FotoFinder. Discover the three pillars that turn the desire of mobile working into reality:  the DermLite FotoFinder handyscope device which is compatible with nearly all phones and tablets, the exciting handyscope pro app and the fully flexible cloud solution FotoFinder Hub. Whether it is the Artificial Intelligence score, the Second Opinon Service or the patient management – get familiar with the wide array of features that will enhance your daily work tremendously.

Agenda overview

Our program for you

Approx. duration Point of program
15 min handyscope by DermLite & FotoFinder
15 min handyscope pro app
15 min FotoFinder Hub
15 min Q&A: Questions and answers

Session: Available dates



15:00 PM CET
09:00 AM EST
18:00 PM GST
22:00 PM HKT
01:00 AM AEDT



16:00 PM CET
10:00 AM EST
19:00 PM GST
23:00 PM HKT
02:00 AM AEDT



10:00 AM CET
04:00 AM EST
13:00 PM GST
17:00 PM HKT
20:00 PM AEDT



10:00 AM CET
04:00 AM EST
13:00 PM GST
17:00 PM HKT
20:00 PM AEDT

CET in Berlin, EST in Sao Paulo/ Mexico City, GST in Dubai, HKT in Hong Kong, AEDT in Sydney

Time: 60 - 70 min
Language: English