State-of-the-art diagnostics for skin and hair!

The times in which the dermatologist examines individual moles or the scalp with the naked eye or a magnifying glass are over. The use of computer-assisted examination methods has become standard. The latest FotoFinder procedure provides double safety in skin cancer prevention and fewer unnecessary operations: Automatic Total Body Mapping (ATBM®). And even in cases of hair loss, computer-supported documentation and analysis enables precise diagnostic statements of the cause and success of therapy.


Health and medical care are very important to me. Every two years I visit my dermatologist with my children for a digital skin cancer examination. A camera is used to take pictures of my moles, which my doctor sees on the computer screen immediately. While the pictures appear, the doctor explains to me what he recognizes and whether a mole looks critical. An atypical mole was already discovered. The laboratory result has shown that it was not malignant. I am glad that it was recognized early and I can be sure that everything is seen and saved. The examination lasts only a few minutes and is not unpleasant.

Kerstin Mandel, patient from Germany