Focus on hair loss – tackle the root of the problem!

When should I be examined?

Hair loss can affect anyone. The correct diagnosis of the cause is the central prerequisite for successful treatment. An examination is useful if you lose more than 100 hairs a day or notice bald spots on the head.  

Hair loss - how it develops?

Hardly any structure of our skin is as sensitive and complex as the hair root. There are many causes of hair loss. Hereditary predisposition, hormonal disorders, pregnancy, lack of nutrients, stress, medication or infections often cause hair loss. In addition, there are more than 20 diseases that can be responsible for hair loss. It is therefore important to make an early diagnosis!

How to examine the scalp with FotoFinder?

In so-called trichoscopy, images of the scalp are taken and stored with a high-resolution special camera. The microscopic images are measured and evaluated exactly. Your doctor can use the digital examination to determine whether hair loss is pPathological or truly severe. Regular checks are carried out to determine whether the selected therapy is effective. The digital examination of the scalp is non-invasive, fast and painless, i.e. Without painful hair extraction or biopsy!

When must a trichogram be made and how does it work?

A digital trichogram is useful for certain diseases. For this detailed hair root status, the hair is shortened in a small hidden area. This is chosen so that it can be hidden well with the top coat after the examination. After two days the stubble are colored and analyzed. On the basis of the regrown hair (anagen hair) and the not regrown hair (telogen hair) the specialist can see how pronounced the hair loss is.

What are the advantages of digital hair examination?

For computer-assisted hair analysis, no hair is removed and you can wash your hair as usual. With the help of the examination results, the doctor can assess how severe your hair loss is and recommend a specific treatment. With digital storage, the hair status can be monitored in the long term and it can be determined at an early stage whether a therapy is achieving the desired success.

How much does an examination with FotoFinder cost?

The services for digital hair analysis with FotoFinder technology are self-paying for patients with statutory health insurance. The costs can vary depending on the examination used and personal risk factors. Please ask your doctor!