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New technology for hair consultations

Diagnostic support through expert team   FotoFinder Trichovision® supports doctors with new technology in the diagnosis of hair diseases. The new solution combines precision optics for trichoscopy with extensive analysis options as well as a service providing diagnostic support through an expert team.

With FotoFinder Trichovision doctors are able to detect the cause of hair loss fast and without shaving or painful depilation. The camera allows high-resolution clinical and dermoscopic images of the scalp. Thanks to the precision optics with optical magnification the structure of the scalp, follicular units and individual hairs can be visualized with a magnification of up to 120X. 

With one mouse click the images can be transferred to the secure server of the TrichoLAB service, an exclusive partner of FotoFinder, providing diagnostic support.  An expert team of experienced physicians analyzes the images in the laboratory and provides a detailed trichoscopic evaluation, including a diagnosis suggestion. Working together with the TrichoLAB expert team, the time consuming measurement and evaluation of the various parameters can be outsourced. Thanks to TrichoLAB also doctors without extensive experience in hair diagnostics are able to offer a professional service to their patients.

In addition, FotoFinder Trichovision offers a variety of analysis functions, which can be helpful in certain cases to quantify the exact extent of the hair loss as well as the treatment progress. The software FotoFinder Trichoscale pro allows the physician to measure several additional parameters of hair growth. For this, the hair is clipped on a concealed area of the scalp. Then a dermoscopic image is taken. Instantly the program calculates the measured area, the number of hair and the hair count density as well as the number and density of the vellus and terminal hair. In addition, the average and cumulative hair thickness as well as the follicular units are measured. After 48 hours the Trichogramm shows the anagen-telogen rate and the length of each individual hair. At a glance hairs which grew or hairs which didn´t grow after clipping become visible. With      FotoFinder Trichoscale pro precise measurement results can be obtained which help to quantify the exact extent of the hair loss and the treatment progress.

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