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A new way for Psoriasis documentation and assessment

Worldwide standardized patient monitoring and treatment efficacy measurement

FotoFinder launches PASIvision, the new technology for accurate Psoriasis patient monitoring and objective treatment efficacy measurement. 

FotoFinder PASIvision allows objective, computer-assisted PASI assessment through a combination of standardized total body photography and skin analysis. With the help of this method an accurate quantification of Psoriasis severity and therapy outcome is now possible.

FotoFinder PASIvision utilizes the ATBM technology for Automated Total Body Mapping which allows standardized documentation of the entire skin surface in just a few minutes. After entering the patient’s height and positioning the patient using FotoFinder’s Guided Photography system, the camera automatically moves up and down the stand taking cross-polarized high definition images of all body areas with the PASIvision PolFlash lighting system. FotoFinder‘s Laser Liner delivers image consistency by projecting a red line on the floor for repeatable patient positioning when taking baseline and follow-up images. All photos and important parameters can be managed and visualized on the PASIboard

The system uses the PASIscan expert tool which automatically analyzes the set of total body images and determines a PASI pre-score for the affected Body Surface Area (head, upper extremities, trunk and lower extremities) in percent, the Erythema (redness), Thickness and Scaling. The pre-score can be adjusted and confirmed by the clinician. 

Baseline and follow-up images can be compared automatically. The PASIscan measures the score changes for all the four PASI parameters. Thus, the achievement of PASI 50 or 75 is visible at a glance. 

The management of Psoriasis patients is a challenge even for experienced dermatologists. Especially in severe cases, the treatment with systemic therapies or biologic agents is cost-intensive. A big challenge is the accurate quantification of Psoriasis severity and therapy outcome. The Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) is the current gold standard method for this purpose. Up to now, the PASI was assessed visually, leading to inconsistent and subjective results that vary from clinician to clinician.

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