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The new benchmark in video dermoscopy

For more than 25 years, FotoFinder camera technology has supported physicians with high-resolution images in the field of skin cancer prevention. The new camera model FotoFinder medicam® 1000 defines a new performance level for dermoscopy of skin, hair and nails and continues the success story of the well-proven medicam series.

The new camera allows high-resolution clinical and dermoscopic images in Full HD. FotoFinder medicam 1000 is able to deliver pictures of skin structures that are even more sharp and detailed than photos taken with all previous or competitive models. The stronger zoom optics with autofocus offer an extremely high magnification of up to 140x with continuous live-zoom. This way, it is possible to see all details already live, during the screening.

A new chip guarantees an even higher image quality and allows physicians through crystal clear and high-contrast images a look at structures that, in the past, could only be visualized using highly cumbersome procedures. Thus, the camera provides a sound basis for a diagnosis. Besides microscopic images of moles and hair, the flood light illumination with powerful, computer-controlled LEDs and the magnetic spacer permit high-resolution macro and panoramic pictures. The new camera is color calibrated and entirely controlled by the software. This way, consistent capturing conditions as well as a consistent photo documentation are ensured.

With medicam 1000 also ergonomics have improved significantly. The comfortable handle with ultralight cable lies perfectly in the hand. Using the new panel on the back of the camera, all imaging functions can be controlled intuitively, directly from the camera. Via the FotoFinder Docking Station with integrated camera mount, medicam 1000 can be connected to any computer with USB-port. Its bronze body is made of high-quality, anodized aluminum – a light-weight, durable, sleek and elegant material. 

Extremely versatile in its application, the video dermatoscope can be used to capture micro, macro and panoramic images for dermoscopy, trichoscopy and capillaroscopy. 

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