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Standardized Photo documentation to visualize treatment success with FotoFinder aesthetics
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FotoFinder aesthetics.

Brilliant photo documentation and skin analysis

Acquire and keep patients – increase patient compliance!


Whether it's for liposuction, facelifts, laser treatments or mesotherapy: successes in aesthetic medicine can only be convincingly proven with accurate photos. FotoFinder aesthetics offers high-performance systems for standardized before and after photo documentation and skin analysis. The impressive face and full body photos show every step of the treatment and increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your patients to the treatment.

How FotoFinder aesthetics supports you in the practice

  • to acquire patients: with impressive skin analysis and treatment simulation
  • to develop treatment plans: tailored, personal, rapid!
  • to increase patient loyalty to the treatment: with brilliant follow-up photos that convince the patient
  • to promote patient loyalty to the practice: with documented successes in all kinds of treatments
  • to save time: by delegating the photography to an assistant 
  • to design presentations: with a range of functions that convince your public! 

Benefit from FotoFinder's added value:

Customer opinion

Taking excellent quality pictures is mandatory when performing aesthetic treatments, especially in the field of body shaping. Patients need to see “before-and-after” pictures, as they have the tendency to forget how they looked like before. The FotoFinder® system provides this excellence through quality pictures with very high definition, standardization of lighting and exposure, making the before-and-after comparison very accurate.  The system also comes with a very user-friendly interface, making photography an easy task for everybody, also without having any specific knowledge.

Dr. Maurice Adatto, Dermatologic Surgeon, Medical Director Skinpulse Derm & Laser Centre, Geneva, Switzerland. 

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