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A World Innovation!

Visualize the difference with the new imaging system for aesthetics!
Answers on skin cancer diagnostics

FotoFinder aesthetics ATBM.

Body Photography with ATBM technology!

Brilliant photo documentation of face and body

FotoFinder aesthetics ATBM revolutionizes imaging in aesthetics, providing an automated method for documenting facial, body contouring and leg vein procedures. Unique in the world is the automated camera positioning in combination with FotoFinder’s Guided Photography! Simply follow the onscreen templates and capture photos quickly. With just one click, you can automatically move the camera into the right height. One more click, and the photo is captured into the patient chart. When taking follow-ups, the camera will be positioned accordingly, and the integrated laser system ensures reproducible patient poses. The whole process is so simple that it can be easily carried out by the practice staff!

FotoFinder aesthetics ATBM at a glance:

  • Save time with the new ATBM® technology
  • Acquire patients with impressive photos and skin analysis
  • Develop treatment plans: tailored, personal, fast
  • Increase satisfaction with documented successes
  • Increase compliance with brilliant, convincing follow-up photos
  • Save time and delegate the photography to your staff
  • Save money by viewing photos and treatment plans on iPads
  • Design presentations that convince your audience

Benefit from FotoFinder´s added value:


Customer Opinion

Dr. Pablo Naranjo Specialist für aesthetic medicine, Clínica Elite Láser in Madrid

“I use the FotoFinder medicam in all my medical consultations to evaluate skin conditions. For example an indirect evaluation of the skin density, the thickness and the number of layers of superficial vessels in the face, in order to decide whether I treat the patient with IPL system, Pulse Dye Laser, KTP Laser or Nd:YAG Laser. According to the information provided by the medicam, I adjust the parameters of my Laser (spot, pulse duration and fluence).

With the FD lens, I can examine patients with Rosacea or Acne. The fluorescence intensity (pink or yellow) indicates the amount of Demodex mites in the skin. If the level is high, it is not possible to follow the regular treatment protocols with superficial vascular lasers (for example Puls Dye Laser). Before that, the patient needs to be treated with anti-Demodex creams, because the irritation of the skin caused by the mites will result in chronic rosacea/inflammatory acne.

My experience with the FotoFinder aesthetics ATBM is very positive when it comes to the evaluation of body treatments (local fat accumulation, laxity of the skin, cellulite or striae). The new FotoFinder universe aesthetics software with its feature to overlap before and after images gives us even more information.”

Dr. Pablo Naranjo
Specialist für aesthetic medicine, Clínica Elite Láser in Madrid

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