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FotoFinder aesthetics body.

Standardized photos from head to toe!

The flexible imaging system for aesthetics.


FotoFinder aesthetics body is the perfect solution for standardized full body photography. The mobile, height-adjustable special stand and the laser positioning system make it possible to take reproducible photos from head to toe. The FotoFinder Guided Photography instructs your practice staff which body parts are to be photographed and how the patient should be positioned for every treatment. Before and after photo documentation couldn't be easier!


FotoFinder aesthetics body at a glance: 

  • Special stand with fixation points for reproducible camera height
  • Laser positioning system for consistent patient distance
  • Brilliant before and after photo documentation from head to toe in 18-megapixel quality
  • Software-assisted capturing with Guided Photography
  • "Ghost" function for superimposable patient positioning in follow-up photos
  • Personalized treatment plans and reports
  • Available as turn-key solution with FotoFinder Bodystation

Benefit from FotoFinder's added value:

Customer opinion

The FotoFinder Bodystation has been a critical cog in my aesthetic practice for years. It largely bypasses the photographic variability introduced by different staff taking pictures, different lighting and backgrounds and the passage of time. 

The level of documentation for patient, peer and personal education has allowed me to enhance the quality of personal patient care, teach in peer reviewed forums and critique and perfect my techniques.  

This technology has paid for itself again and again.  It raises the bar and sets me apart from competition.  It allows patients to appreciate enhancements that they otherwise forget or might deny. 

Edward M Zimmerman, MD 
Medical Director, Las Vegas Laser & Lipo, USA

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