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The whole skin
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Computer-assisted and automatic high-resolution full body photos
Automatic Total Body Mapping for the monitoring of skin cancer risks
Answers on skin cancer diagnostics

FotoFinder bodystudio ATBM® Technology.

State-of-the-art technology in Total Body Mapping

Spectacularly rapid full body documentation with FotoFinder.


The skin is an extremely large organ that takes a long time to examine. The new bodystudio ATBM® procedure revolutionizes comprehensive skin cancer screening: the software-assisted capture process and the fully automatic camera positioning reduce the procedure to a minimum of time. With the help of SmartMatch technology, the system generates a brilliant overview image of up to 72 megapixels from every side of the body. Once the follow-up photographs have been saved, the new Bodyscan ATBM has already compared them with the images from the previous examination and helps you to see changes at a glance.


• Reflex camera system with FotoFinder BodyFlash illumination system
• SmartMatch technology for full body views at up to 72 megapixels
• Spectacularly rapid, fully automated camera positioning
• Bodyscan ATBM runs automatically and in a time-saving manner in the background
• Unique fusion of total body photography and dermoscopy.
• The intuitive and simple procedure can be perfectly delegated to an assistant.

Customer opinion

I think that the FotoFinder bodystudio ATBM has the potential to change the way we are doing digital monitoring. Usually we select lesions by hand-held dermatoscopy, and then we take pictures and follow them up. The potential I see with this machine is that I stop taking care of the single mole, but just do total body, and then I do the side-by-side comparison because I do not need to get too much into the morphology of the single globule. I need to know if a lesion is changing symmetrically or asymmetrically and that is what I can get from polarized total body photography.

Prof. Giuseppe Argenziano, Naples, Italy

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