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Modern skin cancer diagnostics with the video dermatoscope
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FotoFinder dermoscope

The reference class for dermoscopy and video documentation

The clearest images in Full HD live for epiluminescence microscopy and follow-up documentation


The robust and versatile dermoscope system is your reliable companion through the hectic everyday life in the practice right from day one. It supports you in rapid skin cancer screening and in the long-term video documentation and the analysis of moles, in fluorescence diagnostics, in hair consultations and in the follow-up documentation of all skin, hair and nail diseases. FotoFinder dermoscope underlines your specialist competence: You can detect changes in the skin early, avoid unnecessary excisions and keep customers loyal to your practice for the long term.

FotoFinder dermoscope at a glance:

  • The world's leading system for digital epiluminescence microscopy and video documentation
  • Complete diagnosis spectrum from melanomas to basal-cell carcinomas 
  • The best and clearest images in Full HD live, with immersion and polarization
  • The only system for large panoramic images and dermoscopic images with just one camera 
  • The only system with seamlessly integrated Full HD live image in the software
  • Tried-and-tested and scientifically proven diagnosis support 
  • High-performance SQL software for quick working and stability, optimally suited to networks
  • Invoicing options and tools for special consultations covering all aspects of skin and hair

Benefit from FotoFinder's added value:


Your invoicing

Your FotoFinder pays for itself quicker than you'd think.

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Customer opinion

Andreas Blum, MD MSc DermPrevOncol, Dermatologist, Skin Cancer, Konstanz, Germany

The new medicam 1000 provides me with a considerably enhanced view of details and structures, which usually are only visible in procedures that are much more complex (regarding the associated cost and required time). The new and brilliant magnification improves the diagnostics of skin tumors tremendously – particularly in the facial area I am able to differentiate very well between benign and malignant skin lesions with the significantly improved magnification of up to 140X.

Andreas Blum, MD MSc DermPrevOncol, Dermatologist, Skin Cancer, Konstanz, Germany

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