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FotoFinder dermoscope wireless.

Dermoscopy handy and mobile

The smart wireless alternative for brilliant images in your practice


You want to capture images with small and handy devices independently from your computer? Or you want to view dermoscopic results on your iPad? And to keep all data safe and networked on the practice server? It works! FotoFinder dermoscope wireless opens up new and groundbreaking possibilities for contemporary dermatological practices, with maximum freedom in the compilation and dynamic use of mobile and stationary media devices. For example, in the form of iPad display terminals, handyscopes and digital cameras for clinical images, as an independent solution or as a supplement to the stationary imaging system FotoFinder dermoscope vexia or bodystudio ATBM

FotoFinder dermoscope wireless at a glance:

  • Flexibility thanks to mobile, wireless recording devices
  • Intuitive recording process in the software FotoFinder universe dermoscope 
  • FotoFinder universe platform: Data security, multi-user installation, expansion options
  • optional integration of iPad display terminals

Benefit from FotoFinder's added value:


Option: iPad integration

Viszualize dermatoscopic images on mobile devices in your practice

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