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FotoFinder handyscope.

The sophisticated dermoscopy app!





Intuitive interface


The first time you pick up an iPhone, you know how to use it. The same applies to handyscope. The app with its elegant and intuitive interface unleashes the power of the great hardware. The settings include several options to adjust the application to your personal workflow. This makes the work with handyscope even more convenient!




Global communication


handyscope is made to be used around the world. The app is using all the iPhone's connectivity features. E-mail your photos with just a tap and share pictures with colleagues, histologists, students and patients in your professional network! You can also upload photos of suspicious lesions to the FotoFinder Hub and get a second opinion from renownend skin cancer experts.



Encrypted storage


handyscope provides you with all essential security and privacy features. All data is kept in the secure, encrypted app storage which can be password protected. Images as well as patient data, comments and the localization are only available with the app. Instead of patient names, you can use patient ID numbers for labelling. E-mail supports SSL for secure transfer.


Much more than just a lens


It is not just about taking pictures, but also about managing them! The handyscope App organizes images in chronological order and automatically labels them with shooting date and time. In addition, you can tag your photos with patient data, localization and comments. Now you can transfer images to your computer or upload data directly to the Hub for longterm storage and further features.




Easy image capturing


Pictures are captured and managed in the password protected app. The screening function is instantly ready after start, providing just the right standardized zoom with auto-focus feature. An optional in-screen scale allows to size moles with ease. With just one tap, you freeze and save a picture and evaluate it on-screen.



Long-term versatility


For long-term storage, upload your handyscope pictures to your personal webspace in the FotoFinder Hub. The Hub allows you to manage your pictures and displays all your patients on the iPhone when needed. It also offers a second opinion from worldwide renowned dermoscopists. >>>

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