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eDermoscopy® with 

iPhone and iPod

Answers on skin cancer diagnostics


FotoFinder handyscope.

The smart dermatoscope for iPhone and iPod touch.





Engineered design


We at FotoFinder did not simply want to attach a lens to a mobile phone. We wanted to create the best possible dermoscopy solution for the latest smartphone - and it had to come with a perfect, functional design. Look at handyscope and you can't help but notice the great brand-new design. The device enthuses with a sleek body in elegant black combined with precious parts of brushed aluminum. Designed and made in Germany.




Sophisticated lens system


While most of the handheld dermatoscopes have only a simple magnifying loupe, handyscope has a precision-engineered optical system with several lenses. This provides the right standardized zoom with auto-focus and optical magnification of up to 20X directly to the camera of the apple device. Its shape ensures unmatched sharp imaging with a fixed distance to the skin and consistent picture quality. The front piece can easily be exchanged and replaced.



Contact and non-contact image viewing


handyscope provides the highest quality views of skin lesions with contact and non-contact imaging. Just unscrew the glass front piece, replace it by the open one and you are ready to take cross-polarized pictures without contact to the skin. The advantage: without compression you can very well view elevated lesions as well as vascular patterns which are important for the diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma.



Convenient slide-in case


The easy to use slide-in mechanism ensures tight fit. For outstanding pictures the handyscope lens system is exactly in front of the camera. Therefore, the 3D CAD-optimized case combines design and functionality. A special notch in the case allows you to charge your iPhone or iPod touch or to follow the examination with your patient live on a big screen. The case perfectly protects your apple device and cannot damage it as handyscope requires no connector.





TwinLight for immersion and polarization


With its unique TwinLight system with six polarized and six white LEDs, the new handyscope combines the advantages of cross-polarized and immersion fluid dermoscopy. For maximum ease of use, one button does it all: Switch on the light, and you are in the polarization mode. Use the quick tap button on the right to toggle between cross-polarized light and white light for immersion. A LED indicator makes sure you always know which mode you are working with!



Long LED power


Mobile dermoscopy requires power for the illumination of the skin. handyscope is powered by an integrated, rechargeable 2400mAh battery pack for up to 8 hours LED running time. The battery can simply be charged with the standard USB cable. handyscope will let you know when it is time to recharge: once the battery level drops below 25%, the control LED will light up yellow.

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