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FotoFinder Hub.

The platform for eDermoscopy®

The handyscope web storage with added value!



FotoFinder Hub - the platform for eDermoscopy®


For medical professionals it is not enough to just attach a lens to a smartphone. Handling patient images and data, it is important to have a safe storage possibility independently of the iPhone. That's why we developed FotoFinder Hub, the online storage center for your handyscope. FotoFinder Hub unleashes the full potential of your handyscope making it the most flexible and powerful platform for eDermoscopy! See how it works on YouTube.




Organize images wherever you are


Use your handyscope for digital dermoscopy independently of hardware or office hours. You can upload your pictures to your private patient database in the Hub at any time. You don’t need to install any software on your computer, simply use the Web browser of your PC or MAC! Thus, you can manage your handyscope images in any place with online access. Link handyscope and Hub in some simple steps.



handyscopes is the beginning of a new era in teledermatology as it combines the latest communication technology with FotoFinder's know-how in dermoscopy. Furthermore, FotoFinder Hub can be used as a platform for teledermatology projects with private user groups. For example, a dermatologist could review dermoscopic images taken by general practicioners in his region; within an institution physicians upload their images for review by experts of the clinic. Thanks to its cost- and time-saving workflow FotoFinder makes efficient telemedicine projects possible.



Manage pictures in your personal web space


If handyscope is the actor, FotoFinder Hub is its stage! Upload your pictures from the app to the Hub with just one tap and store them online in your secure private webspace (HIPAA compliant). Once registered, your account data is used by the handyscope app to establish a permanent link to your patient database in the Hub. The solution to safely backup your images taken with handyscope! Read more on FotoFinder Hub account!



Measure hair loss with FotoFinder Trichoscale


FotoFinder Trichoscale is the new tool for hair analysis that allows monitoring hair loss and treatment response. This computerized trichogram instantly counts the number of hair and the density of total, vellus and terminal hair. Therefore, the hair has to be shaved on a small area of the scalp. After 48 hours, the anagen/telogen ratio can be determined. The procedure is completely painless and delivers reliable results. For use with handyscope a special stand-alone version is available. Pictures can be imported manually or directly from FotoFinder Hub. Read more details on FotoFinder Trichoscale.

Get a second opinion


FotoFinder Hub also serves as platform for a professional second opinion service by a team of international experts in dermoscopy. Send any of the uploaded images you consider suspicious directly from the Hub to the expert team. You will receive their rating automatically into your account within 24 hours and can download it as PDF document. Thus, the Hub gives you a direct link to the best available diagnostic quality and converts teledermatology into eDermoscopy! Register now and let eDermoscopy become true!

Experience eDermoscopy®!

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