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Prof. Dr. Horacio Cabo

University of Buenos Aires, Argentin


After having applied dermoscopy for so many years, I was really enthusiastic that FotoFinder had launched this new handheld dermatoscope - handyscope - to be used with a cell phone on the level of an iPhone. The image quality is really good and the software to store the images is also very complete. I think the only limitation is that you have to have an iPhone which implicates to move it around and use it. The rest is FANTASTIC!!!

Prof. Dr. Rainer Hofmann-Wellenhof

Medical University Graz, Austria


When I saw handyscope by FotoFinder the first time, I thought 'What a nice gadget' and 'I must have it.' Soon, I was able to try it and recognized that handyscope was not only a gadget, but a really good digital dermatoscope. All the patients were impressed by the possibility to see their mole on the display of the iPhone. In my opinion handyscope is a good additional tool in dermoscopy. The possibility of capture and store high quality digital images wherever you are, is amazing. In sum: handyscope looks cool and is cool.

H. Peter Soyer, MD, FACD

Professor and Chair, Dermatology Research Centre, The University of Queensland, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, Australia

For many years we have been speaking and publishing on 'Mobile teledermoscopy - melanoma diagnosis by one click?' And now .... I envision that the handyscope will do the job.

Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Argenziano

University of Naples, Italy


I am a satisfied iPhone user, thus I was very happy to know that a new dermoscopy device was developed specifically for the iPhone. The handyscope by FotoFinder is a beautiful piece of technology that fits perfectly into the iPhone concept of easiness and style. I have been using this brand new dermoscopy device for a few days and, immediately, I enjoyed both the speed in taking pictures and the vivid colors and the quality of dermoscopic structures made visible by the handyscope. This device will not replace my mole mapping system to monitor my patients, but it represents a new way to take fast pictures of some special cases and a new way to share them with colleagues, students, and patients.

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