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Answers on skin cancer diagnostics

The new FotoFinder Moleanalyzer pro®.

Fit for artificial intelligence!

Comprehensive support in the evaluation of lesions

The new FotoFinder Moleanalyzer pro® was developed to provide dermatologists with a diverse set of functions to support them in their diagnosis and in assessing melanocytic and non-melanocytic lesions. From analysis to Second Opinion Service, the program provides you with extensive functions and is aided by Artificial Intelligence. It also offers the possibility to support and secure your own diagnosis with the help of various techniques. Overall, the application of the available methods will contribute to increase the diagnostic accuracy of the physician.

The most important features: 

  • Risk evaluation via computer scoring aided by Artificial Intelligence (optional).
    >>> Read more about the study "Man against machine"
  • Automated segmentation, measurement and classification of structures.
  • Lesion evaluation and reporting according to the 3-point checklist, the 7-point checklist or the ABCD rule.
  • Image comparison, visualizing changes over time with the ‘Ghost‘ technology, and quantification of changes in percent.
  • Second Opinion Service by renowned specialists (optional).

Diagnosis support

The ABCDE rule and 7-point list are your tools. The expert system offers you a computer-assisted second opinion based on pattern recognition.

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