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With significant photos from head to toe!

FotoFinder aesthetics ATBM revolutionizes photography in aesthetics with an automated method for documenting facial, body contouring and leg vein procedures. The automated camera positioning in combination with FotoFinder Guided Photography is incredibly unique as it guides the consultation step-by-step through the documentation of all common treatments. Brilliant before and after photos, personalized treatment plans and printouts impress patients and improve commitment to therapy!


Plan treatments and give professional advice: FotoFinder Proposer

Personalized treatment plans can be designed and presented in an impressive way with the integrated product and treatment database, which can be individually adapted to your range of services.

Reproducible images in no time at all

For continuous shooting, the camera is automatically positioned as for the initial shot. The laser system and the "Ghost" function allow identical patient alignment.


Easy and delegable thanks to Guided Photography

The software provides step-by-step instructions for each treatment. Self-explanatory and automated, so that the recording process can be completely delegated. Simply choose the planned treatment, follow the instructions of the software and enjoy brilliant photos - with minimal time expenditure!

Standardized. Automated. Brilliant.

The automated ATBM process revolutionizes aesthetic imaging. Thanks to computer-controlled camera positioning and guided photography, brilliant images can be taken in seconds, whether filler treatment or body firming!

FotoFinder aesthetics ATBM.

Brilliant before & after photo documentation of face & body. 


We as surgeons have also come to appreciate the ATBM. Especially if you work aesthetically, a good and standardized photo documentation is indispensable. Together with the new Proposer you can carry out an outstanding before/after documentation as well as a practice marketing in the patient discussion.

Karl-Hermann Klein MD, Germany

I am extremely satisfied with the ATBM, especially in the aesthetic area. For photo documentation I have set up my own room, in which the ATBM Tower is located. The recording is very simple and is carried out by my staff. We take pictures from five different angles, the distance between patient and cameras is precisely defined. The high resolution of the camera allows me to look at selected regions such as the eyes in detail. Especially in aesthetics it is so important to have a standardized photo documentation over the years. My patients also find this very professional and appreciate our documentation effort.

Dr. Daniela Greiner, Germany

Taking excellent quality pictures is mandatory when performing aesthetic treatments, especially in the field of body shaping. Patients need to see “before-and-after” pictures, as they have the tendency to forget how they looked like before. The FotoFinder® system provides this excellence through quality pictures with very high definition, standardization of lighting and exposure, making the before-and-after comparison very accurate.  The system also comes with a very user-friendly interface, making photography an easy task for everybody, also without having any specific knowledge.

Dr. Maurice Adatto, Genf