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In many cases Artificial Intelligence is still a bare concept, but at FotoFnder it is already reality: With its powerful Tools FotoFinder AI brings Artificial Intelligence (AI) into dermatologic practices.

FotoFinder AI is used various areas of application and runs through our technology like arteries through a body: An ingenious circulation that makes FotoFinder systems even safer and more powerful. Whether in Total Body Dermoscopy, dermoscopy or trichoscopy!

FotoFinder AI

Which solutions come with our Artificial Intelligence?

Total Body Dermoscopy

Bodyscan master

AI based Mosaic View to arrange lesions according to their relevance and to localize extraordinaries.




Moleanalyzer pro & handyscope pro app

AI Scoring to support the evaluation of melanocytic and non-melanocytic skin lesions. 



Trichoscale AI

AI for hair consultation  including the  quantification of hair growth and hair loss without shaving. 


The history of FotoFinder AI tools

Recognizing the potential of Artifcial Intelligence at an early stage, FotoFinder has played a pioneering role in the development of intelligent software solutions in dermatology.

From Machine Learning to Deep Learning

While the first algorithms were based on Machine Learning, today's FotoFinder AI for mole pre-assessment uses most modern Deep Learning models as its basis. The human capability to learn from examples and experiences is transfered  to the computer. Artificial neural networks enable complex learning which is similar to biological learning processes.

This requires an encompassing data base. FotoFinder posesses the currently biggest data collection of dermoscopic images including the respective diagnoses. The continuous "feeding" of the algorithm is ensured by longlasting cooperations with doctors from all around the world.

Unlike countless AI projects that are still in the prototype phase or lack of a reasonable data basis, Moleanalyzer pro has been already validated in several clinical studies.


The question is not "whether" artificial intelligence will take a place in the early detection of skin cancer, but "when" and in what form.

Managing Senior Physician (Department of Dermatology)
University of Heidelberg, Germany




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Explanation video:

Artificial Intelligence in skin cancer pre-assessment.

Total Body Dermoscopy:

Bodyscan master
The mosaic of moles

The Bodyscan master detects lesions of a patient from all total body images and arranges them intelligently on one screen, sorted by new, changed and unchanged nevi. This "mosaic of moles" helps to localize suspicious lesions at a glance. Thanks to the spectacular image quality, the structure of a lesion is already excellently visualized at this stage. This way, video dermoscopy is reduced to the few atypical lesions which require further specification. This saves a lot of time and Limits the close contact during dermoscopy to a minimum!



Moleanalyzer pro & handyscope pro app
AI Scoring for the pre-assessment of lesions

The expert system Moleanalyzer pro with optional AI Scoring offers dermatologist, just like the handyscope pro app, support at the evaluation of melanocytic and non-melanocytic lesions. Regardless if melanoma in situ or basal cell carcinoma, the specificity and sensitivity are impressive, as several studies approve.
Artificial Intelligence meets Human Experience!

In order to use the full potential of Artificial Intelligence, you require an access to the internet as well as a "PRO" account in the FotoFinder Hub.


Trichoscale AI
Digital quantification of hair growth and hair loss

This TrichoLAB expert software reinvents automatic hair assessment! These sophisticated AI-algorithms give great analytical support, whether with short or long hair: From the patient preparation for trichoscopy with Shave Assist through the imaging with FotoWizzard to the follow-up examination with Virtual Tattoo, both with trichoscopy and trichogram!


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Artificial Intelligence - advantage through data

AI is THE trend in dermatology worldwide. While countless projects are still in the prototype phase, the Moleanalyzer pro is already validated.

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The FotoFinder Contribution Team is looking for contributors for further training of the AI algorithm. Contact us if you are interested in a cooperation!

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Artificial Intelligence in dermatology

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