The truly mobile trichoscopy tool

The handyscope is a state-of-the-art camera attachment that, in combination with the TrichoLAB snApp app and iPod touch, enables microscopic scalp imaging. Use the high magnification to take a set of just a few images per patient and get fast analytic support at the assessment of the hair issues. The result is the TrichoLAB report with detailed information on key parameters (e.g. hair density, hair distribution, average hair shaft thickness, number of empty follicles). The handyscope will transform your clinic or practice into a modern contact point trusted by patients for precise hair analysis.

The teletrichoscopy experience

Teletrichoscopy has never been easier. The FotoFinder handyscope and the TrichoLAB snApp are the perfect match of hardware and software application.

FotoFinder Systems, handyscope classic, mobile & flexible
Mobile & flexible

Specifically designed trichoscopy attachment turns iPhone or iPod into a portable digital trichoscope.

FotoFinder Systems, handyscope classic, stunningly precise
Stunningly precise

Images of hair and scalp in high magnification

FotoFinder Systems, handyscope classic, Secure TrichoLAB snApp
High security

Encrypted storage in the password-protected app

FotoFinder Systems, handyscope classic, TrichoLAB snApp, intuitive interface
Intuitive user interface

Easy imaging process with the app TrichoLAB snApp

The procedure in just 3 easy steps

1. Hair examination

The TrichoLAB snApp App guides you step by step through the imaging process with the handyscope. Once you have taken all required photos of the scalp, all you need to do is sending them to TrichoLAB within the app.

2. Analysis by TrichoLAB

After receiving the images you have taken, they undergo a thorough LAB-based analysis at TrichoLAB. As a result a trichoscopic report is conducted.


3. Consultation

Based on the TrichoLAB report you can give your patient a precise medical advice regarding the hair loss and the possible treatment measures.

Quick tutorial

Learn more about the fast imaging process.

eDermoscopy world

Emerge even more into the handyscope world and explore more about its versatile use and dermoscopy app.



Do you have a question about the hair analysis with handyscope and snApp? We are happy to help.


Training with experts

In the online course www.trichoscopy-online.com Antonella Tosti and Rodrigo Pirmez provide you with extensive knowledge about trichoscopy.



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CRC Press, 2015

Lidia Rudnicka, Malgorzata Olszewska, Adriana Rakowska,
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