The most mobile type of trichoscopy with iPhone and iPod

We reinvented dermoscopy in 2010 with the handyscope. It turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a digital optical light microscope and opens up a whole world!

Capture brilliant images of hair and scalp with the touch of a finger. Use the TrichoLAB SnAPP and turn your smartphone into a platform for trichoscopy, with access to the expertise of renowned hair specialists!

The original for mobile connected dermoscopy "Made in Germany“


FotoFinder handyscope
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A new era in teletrichoscopy

Hand over images for evaluation to the TrichoLAB service, which creates a detailed trichoscopy report as a basis for the diagnosis.


TrichoLAB SnApp.

Trichoscopy couldn´t be simpler!

TrichoLAB SnAPP makes trichoscopy even more efficient! The software tool guides you step by step through the process using simple screen guidelines and shows how the images are taken frontally, temporally and occipitally.


Trichoscale pro.

Digital trichograms very simple.

With the FotoFinder Trichoscale pro tool for hair analysis all important parameters of hair growth can be determined and a digital trichogram can be created.


Training with experts

In the online course Antonella Tosti and Rodrigo Pirmez provide you with extensive knowledge about trichoscopy.



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FotoFinder handyscope.

eDermoscopy® with iPhone and iPod