How much does a fly weigh?

220 grams. At least in digital dermoscopy.

The elegant digital dermatoscope leviacam offers the full FotoFinder experience in the most compact camera. Despite its small size and 220 g flyweight, leviacam is a powerful solution for overview and micro photography. With autofocus and TwinLight for immersion and polarization. That's the difference between a camera that's just light and one that surpasses all other standards.


Razor sharp & in good shape

Whether overview images or dermoscopy: Impressive image quality with 13 megapixel resolution.

Simply contagious

Suitable for USB 3.0 ports.

Everything within finger reach

Intuitive control of the software via the buttons on the top.

Magnetic Optics

With TwinLight for easy switching between immersion and polarization.

Easy to have

Handy, light and powerful. 220 grams that fit in any pocket!

Antonella Tosti Edition. Cutting edge technology and expert training

With the Antonella Tosti Edition from FotoFinder you are well equipped for hair consultation. Thanks to top camera technology, sophisticated hardware and software, diagnostic support and the online trichoscopy course


Simply beautiful. Beautifully simple. A million pixels ahead.

Leviacam combines compact size with great performance. We have meticulously worked on the design in order to bring impressive quality into the most beautiful form. The result: 13 megapixels, 220 grams light. This makes leviacam the star among digital dermatoscopes on the market.


FotoFinder leviacam®.

Lightness and performance.


Winner of the Red Dot Award

Statement of the Red Dot jury:

„The dermatoscope FotoFinder leviacam scores with its high ergonomics and precise workmanship, which convincingly conveys its value."


I love the FotoFinder solutions! In my opinion, we need trichoscopy for every patient with a hair disease. The FotoFinder leviacam is particularly suitable as a portable system that offers me extremely high resolution image quality.

Professor Dr. Antonella Tosti, Miami


Antonella Tosti, „Dermoscopy of the Hair and Nails“,
CRC Press, 2015

Lidia Rudnicka, Malgorzata Olszewska, Adriana Rakowska,
“Atlas of Trichoscopy”, Springer 2012

You can easily put it in your pocket

Further areas of application: the FotoFinder added value

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