It´s not a video trichoscope.

It is an all-encompassing experience. For scalp. Hair. Nails.

The medicam 1000 represents the sharpest images in video trichoscopy and amazes hair specialists worldwide. For the new generation medicam 1000s comes in elegant black, Our camera masters have worked on the design to combine brilliant quality with even greater ease of use and lightness, optimized for the new precision optics D-Scope IV. Absolutely familiar. Completely new.

The new D-Scope IV lens with TwinLight allows easy switching between polarization and immersion with or without skin contact for a new view of the skin.

Easy to connect

Together with the elegant Docking Station suitable for all common USB ports.

Precision optics

Variable optical magnification. Live zoom with autofocus. Bright LEDs for brilliant macro and panoramic images.

Immersion & Polarization

TwinLight for easy switching between polarized and non-polarized light. With or without contact.

You control it intuitively

Intuitive software control via the rear panel.

Spectaculary sharp

Extra large chip with Full HD CrystalView technology for more details per pixel. Crystal clear, high-contrast, brilliant!


Spacers for impressive macro images, for example of nails.

D-Scope IV. A new view of the scalp.

FotoFinder Trichovision components

It's all up to you.

FotoFinder Trichovision Walkthrough

The all-rounder in hectic everyday practice.

Antonella Tosti Edition. Cutting-edge technology and expert training.

With the Antonella Tosti Edition from FotoFinder you are well equipped for hair consultation. Thanks to top camera technology, sophisticated hardware and software, diagnostic support and the online trichoscopy course

TrichoLAB Service

- trichoscopic findings

Outsource complex measurements, save time and benefit from the experience of leading hair specialists: The TrichoLAB service makes it possible! The TrichoLAB is a FotoFinder laboratory specialized in procedures for the diagnosis of hair and scalp diseases. It offers a complete service from analysis to diagnostic support.

Trichoscale pro

- digital trichogram

In certain cases, a trichogram is required to quantify the exact extent of hair loss and the progress of treatment. With the expert system FotoFinder Trichoscale pro analyze all important hair parameters from anagen telogen rate to follicular units, from density to thickness. The procedure is precise and painless for patients.


FotoFinder medicam® 1000s

The new benchmark.

Ahead by a long way.