Hair consultation is also easy.

And comfortable. And precise. And non-invasive!

The treatment of hair loss is usually protracted. Precise diagnosis is a prerequisite for successful therapy. Meaningful figures are indispensable to objectively assess the cause of hair loss and to strengthen the patient's adherence to therapy.

The combination of FotoFinder technology and TrichoLAB expertise offers you a flexible set of instruments for non-invasive hair diagnostics and therapy monitoring. In this way, the modern hair consultation does not require much effort: A few images - taken by the assistant -, an upload to the TrichoLAB service, and a few days later you will receive a detailed trichoscopic report.


The examination:

only a few minutes, without plucking, shaving or biopsy!

During the trichoscopy examination, overview images of the scalp in the forehead, temple and back of the head are taken as well as several microscopic images for each area. With the  Tricho SnAPP tool the recording becomes child's play! With a click of the mouse the images are transferred to the secure TrichoLAB server and evaluated there.


Second opinion of experienced experts

The trichoscopy evaluation is then performed by a member of the TrichoLAB team of physicians. The team has extensive experience in the field of trichoscopy. As a result, you will receive a second opinion report to support your diagnosis.

The expert laboratory for hair-exact analyses

The TrichoLAB is an exclusive FotoFinder laboratory specializing in procedures for the diagnosis of hair and scalp diseases. It offers a complete service comprising image processing, statistical analysis and diagnostic support. Even doctors with many years of experience in hair diseases rely on TrichoLAB and save time by not having to perform complex measurements themselves.

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Detailed trichoscopic report

Outsource complex measurements, save time and benefit from the experience of leading hair specialists: The TrichoLAB service makes it possible! The TrichoLAB is a FotoFinder laboratory specialized in procedures for the diagnosis of hair and scalp diseases. It offers a complete service from analysis to diagnostic support.


Preoperative analysis for hair transplants

TrichoLAB supports hair transplants by helping to exclude hair disorders that have a negative impact on success. The analysis of follicular units facilitates surgery planning.


With the FotoFinder system and the TrichoLAB analysis method, I can offer my patients for the first time, a detailed and reliable examination method during their hair consultation. The results usually coincide with the clinically established diagnoses and with my many years of experience and motivate the patients to consistently carry out the recommended treatments. In addition, it offers the possibility of objectifiable follow-up checks during or after treatments.

Dr. David Bacman, Cologne

The comfortable TrichoLAB service is an innovative and very valuable solution, through which I can easily outsource the time-consuming evaluation of the trichoscopic parameters. If I have any questions, they are answered quickly, complicated cases can be discussed together - this makes the service particularly personal and interactive. When I need information about hair growth, I use FotoFinder Trichoscale pro to create a video trichogram.

Dr. Gabriele Feller-Heppt, Germany