Standardized monitoring of psoriasis patients

and computer-aided PASI determination

Changes at a glance

The fully automatic, integrated Bodyscan and the Moleanalyzer pro visualize changes of the entire skin and the individual mole. Analysis of Naevi supported by Artificial Intelligence.

Sharpest images in dermoscopy

Seamlessly integrated video dermoscopy with CrystalView technology and unmatched Full HD live quality. Direct linking of body maps and micro images with mole history at a glance.

Just get started

Turnkey installed, mobile ATBM tower with FotoFinder quality hardware. Sophisticated technology with millions of processed images.

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Reflex camera system with PolFlash for ultra brilliant whole body images, polarized and non-polarized. 

Fast, intuitive, delegable

Fully automatic documentation oft he skin in a few seconds. Delegable and intuitive thanks to FotoFinder Guided Photography.

Flexible with added value

Also suitable for trichoscopy, capillaroscopy, photo documentation in aesthetics and computer-aided PASI determination.

The Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) is considered the gold standard for determining the severity of psoriasis and quantifying the success of therapy. Up to now, PASI has been determined by visual assessment, which leads to inconsistent and subjective results that vary from doctor to doctor.

FotoFinder PASIvision® is the world's first system for computer-aided and objective PASI result. This new method improves the precise monitoring of psoriasis patients and the measurement of treatment success.

A revolution in medical imaging!

Psoriasis documentation polarized, standardized, automatic

PASIvision is based on the combination of standardized whole-body cartography and innovative skin analysis. This is achieved with FotoFinder ATBM technology for Automatic Total Body Mapping, which enables reproducible documentation of the skin surface in just a few minutes. The polarized PolFlash system produces high-resolution, reflection-free photos that impressively visualize the expansion, redness, flaking and thickness of the plaques. 


FotoFinder PASIscan

Calculates the PASI score automatically, computer-aided, objectively.

The PASIscan® expert system automatically analyzes the whole body's images and calculates the four PASI score values in less than one minute: the amount in percent of the body surface, the redness, the thickness of the plaques and the scaling.


PASIvision image comparison®

The PASIvision® image comparison shows the improvement of the skin condition and thus the effectiveness of the respective treatment. This world novelty thus enables an objective evaluation in the shortest time.


I am very happy that we can work with FotoFinder in our clinic! The ATBM is an excellent system that makes PASI determination and psoriasis documentation more objective and easier to calculate!

Dr. B. S. Chandrashekar, Chief dermatologist at Cutis Academy of Cutaneous Sciences (CACS) Bangalore, India