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Below you find the different functions of FotoFinder Hub listed by chapters. Simply click on the questions to visualize the description and get detailed screenshots.

General Navigation

in the FotoFinder Hub

Dashboard: what's new?

The FotoFinder Hub starts now in the privacy mode (1) to protect your patient data (2) while using the search bar, or the quick navigation (3).

Quick search

In this search bar, you can search for patients, including name, date of birth or the patient ID. The result will be shown in the privacy mode. So all the confidential patient data is kept safe.

Quick navigation

Shows the four most used features in the hub as a quick setup. Have a look at the patient overview, add a new patient, request a second opinion or quickly top up your credits or plan.

Patient Management

in the FotoFinder Hub

Add a new patient

With "Add new patient", you can access the patient information window where you can handle the patient information form to generate a new patient.

Mandatory input fields

These four fields are mandatory input fields: first name, last name, date of birth, gender. The following are optional: middle name, study, contact information, patient ID. If you don’t fulfill the input line for the patient ID, FotoFinder Hub will automatically generate an ID for the particular patient.

Patient information

You can also add some contact information about the patient - this is an optional information function. Afterwards, confirm your inputs with "Save".

Sort the patient database

You can sort the patient database by clicking the header of the desired column: for example ID, last name or first name.

Selecting a patient

Navigating over the patient list there is a red background highlighting the selected patient. Click on that highlighted patient to get to the overview page.

Patient overview

In the overview page, the patient's visits will be listed in chronological order line by line showing the date of the session on the left side and the count of uploaded images on the right side.

Edit patient data

Once the patient was added to the patient list, you still can edit the patient data with "Edit Patient Data" or delete the patient file completely if not needed any longer with "Delete Patient".

Image information

Every image (shown as a thumbnail) contains additional information, e.g. localization, upload date and upload time. There is a checkbox that can be used for selecting images in order to print or compare images. With the download button, you can easily download the image for offline usage (only jpg images - without further image information).

Image details

After having clicked on a thumbnail view of an image you will be switched to the detailed page of that image. Now you can see the image in an enlarged view on the left side. The localization is displayed in a localization mannequin and other images of that visit are displayed in a gallery at the bottom of that page.

Image overview navigation

With "Previous" and "Next" you can move to the previous/next image overview - or navigate by using the thumbnails in the gallery on the bottom.

Image capture

After having clicked on a thumbnail view of an image, you will be switched to the detailed page of that image. Now you can see the image in an enlarged view on the left side. The localization is displayed in a localization mannequin and other images of that visit are displayed in a gallery at the bottom of that page.

Add a comment

In the input field right beside the localization mannequin, you can add any comment to the image. Confirm the input by clicking the button "Save comment".


After having examined a suspicious lesion histologically, a diagnosis can be added here and / or a histological report can be uploaded.

General Sorting of Images

in the FotoFinder Hub

Consultation date

Display of all images in chronological order in which the sessions have been created.

Body location

Sorting by location, you can find baseline images and follow-up images easier. They must be stored with the same localization. This might be very helpful for image comparison or report printing.

Image Comparison

in the FotoFinder Hub

Select an image for comparison

For an image comparison, you need to select the desired images by selecting the checkbox below each image.

Start image compare

Afterwards, click on "Image Compare" right above the gallery and you will be forwarded to a side-by-side full-view comparison.

Image compare navigation

Every image gets its navigation layer where you can zoom in or zoom out and see all the information belonging to this image.

Image zoom

Zooming into the image on both sides gives you a more detailed view of the mole and by drag-and-drop, you can move the images closer to one another to receive a better view for comparison.

Close image compare

Use "Close" (either in the left or in the right navigation layer) to get back to the overview page.

Privacy Mode

in the FotoFinder Hub

What is Privacy Mode?

In the privacy mode in FotoFinder Hub, you can hide other patient’s data during a consultation with a patient. In default, the privacy mode is activated. Once deactivated by typing your password again, you get all the patient information (last name, first name, date of birth) listed.

Activate Privacy Mode

Activating the button ''Privacy Mode'' (highlighted with a green background when active) on top will hide that information. In this case, you can search by patient IDs.

Report Printing / Download PDF

in the FotoFinder Hub

Select images for printing / downloading

In order to print a report or download it as PDF, you have to select the desired images by selecting the checkbox under the image. Afterwards, click on "Download PDF" directly above the gallery and you will be forwarded to the report preview.

Print / download preview

The preview contains the selected image, the corresponding localization mannequin, additional information (date, time, comments). Out of this view, you can either print this page using the web browser function or save the report as PDF.

Request a Second Opinion

in the FotoFinder Hub

Image selection and image transfer

If you want to request a second opinion for an image, you have to switch to the detailed view of it and click on the button "Request Second Opinion".

Patient History (1)

Please indicate if there have been any irregularities with the mole before leaving the drop-down menu and...

Patient History (2)

...write your message (e.g. description of irregularities) into the message box.


Every Second Opinion request will reduce your credits by 20. You can see your current points or buy new ones in section "Credits / Plans". Click "Send" to transfer the image.

Pending Second Opinion request

Here you can see the current status of your request.

Receiving the result

Within 24 hours you will get a response. You find the result on top in the section "Second Opinion".

Second Opinion result

Click on the answer in your Second Opinion Service and it will guide you to the patient file. The result is always rooted with your patient files so all the necessary data is stored in one place.

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