The most lightweight, elegant and brilliant USB dermatoscope.

The elegant leviacam dermatoscope offers the full FotoFinder experience in the most compact camera. Despite its small size and only 220 grams of light weight, leviacam is a powerful solution for overview and micro photography, with autofocus and TwinLight for polarized and non-polarized dermoscopy.

This is the difference between a camera that is simply light and one that is so much more!

Red Dot Award 2018

Statement of the Red Dot jury:

„The dermatoscope FotoFinder leviacam scores with its high ergonomics and precise workmanship, which convincingly conveys its value."


Brilliance and performance

leviacam combines compact size with great performance. We have meticulously worked on the design in order to bring impressive quality into the most beautiful form.

FotoFinder Systems leviacam, 13 Megapixel

Whether overview images or dermoscopy: Impressive image quality with 13-megapixel resolution.

FotoFinder Systems leviacam, lens
Contagious attraction

Magnetic optics with TwinLight for easy switching between polarized and non-polarized light.

FotoFinder Systems leviacam, polarized, non-polarized
Fast and precise

Don’t lose time for focusing! Thanks to the integrated autofocus, every lesion can be visualized perfectly.

FotoFinder Systems leviacam, USB
More flexibility

leviacam can be taken anywhere. Just connect it via USB 3.0, without any other supply, in no time at all.

FotoFinder Systems leviacam, weight
Easy to have

leviacam is handy, light and powerful. With 220 grams that fit in any pocket, it is extremely flexible!

FotoFinder Systems leviacam, control panel
Everything within fingertip reach

The software can be conveniently controlled via the intuitve camera top panel.

Suited for

dermoscopy and trichoscopy

In addition to dermoscopy and Mole Mapping, the leviacam is also perfectly suited for trichoscopy. Thanks to the FotoFinder and TrichoLAB expert systems and services, you receive extensive support in the examination and evaluation of skin and hair!




micro and overview images

The leviacam takes excellent dermoscopic and clinical images. With a standard magnification of 20x, leviacam visualizes any lesion perfectly. At the same time, it provides excellent overview images in 13-megapixel quality, which makes it ideal for the
documentation of skin diseases and treatments. The dermoscopic images can be analyzed with the Moleanalyzer pro, if desired also with AI Scoring based on Artificial Intelligence.



Use the leviacam with the dermoscope platform for Mole Mapping and early skin cancer detection. The software offers lots of features for digital dermoscopy, digital documentation and comparison of skin lesions.

The FotoFinder Artificial Intelligence in the Moleanalyzer pro software supports you in the analysis and pre-assessment of skin lesions. For improved accuracy – verified in multiple clinical studies!


Trichoscopy is an excellent tool for assessing a wide range of hair disorders and for qualitative and quantitative therapy monitoring. Hair experts worldwide trust the outstanding image quality of FotoFinder. With the leviacam it is possible to visualize the structure of the scalp, follicular units and single hairs with extreme accuracy.

With the expert system FotoFinder Trichoscale AI, you can analyze various hair parameters from density to thickness or easily create a digital trichogram. Besides, the images can be evaluated via the exclusive TrichoLAB service. You will receive a comprehensive trichoscopic report with recommendations from experienced physicians – without shaving or plucking!

Magnetic optics

polarized and non-polarized

The magnetic optics for dermoscopy are unique and can be attached to and taken off
the camera easily. You can conveniently switch between polarized and non-polarized light, depending on the structure or vascular pattern you want to visualize, and on your preference of working with or without immersion fluid.

Designed for

ultralight brilliance

FotoFinder leviacam combines compact size with great performance and is millions of pixels ahead of the competition. We have meticulously worked on the design in order to bring impressive quality into the most beautiful shape. The result: 13 Megapixels that weigh only 220 grams. For ultralight brilliance in dermoscopy!

Intuitive control panel

You can control the leviacam easily and intuitively via the top panel so that all imaging functions of the FotoFinder universe software can be conveniently controlled from the camera. The leviacam can easily be integrated as an additional camera in an existing FotoFinder universe environment.


FotoFinder leviacam®.

Designed for ultralight brilliance.



The FotoFinder leviacam is a portable solution that provides me with extremely high resolution images. Another great FotoFinder device!

Antonella Tosti, Miami

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