It is not a video dermatoscope.

It is an all-encompassing experience. For skin. Hair. Nails.

The Full HD video camera medicam 1000s amazes dermoscopists worldwide. It provides the sharpest images in dermoscopy, trichoscopy, capillaroscopy, inflammoscopy and entomodermoscopy and impressively continues the success story of the medicam series.

An extra-large chip with Full HD CrystalView technology provides more details per pixel and maximum image sharpness. In addition, the medicam 1000s is brighter than all previous models. The result: high-contrast, spectacular images with sharpness and brilliance beyond compare!
The D-Scope IV lens with TwinLight and exchangeable front caps allows easy switching between polarized and non-polarized light, with or without contact, for a new vision of the skin.

medicam 1000s: The benchmark for video dermoscopy worldwide

Absolutely reliable in your daily work, the medicam 1000s makes it possible to capture perfect microscopic photos as well as excellent macroscopic and clinical images. The camera is colorcalibrated and completely software-controlled, ensuring consistent imaging conditions.

FotoFinder displays the dermoscopy as a Full HD live image with variable optical live zoom and autofocus in the software: There is no need to save the image first, it can already be seen during live screening in full resolution!

The benchmark. Ahead by far.

The medicam 1000s offers spectacular sharpness in video dermoscopy and impresses users with versatility.

 FotoFinder Systems, Docking Station
Easy to connect

Together with the elegant Docking Station, the medicam is suitable for all common USB ports.

FotoFinder Systems, D-Scope IV, D-Scope III
Precision optics

Variable optical magnifications. Live zoom with autofocus. Powerful LEDs for brilliant macro and clinical images.

FotoFinder Systems, D-Scope IV
Polarized & non-polarized

TwinLight for easy switching between polarized and non-polarized light, with or without skin contact.

FotoFinder Systems, medicam 1000s, control panel
Intuitive control

Intuitive software control via the medicam rear panel ensures a fast workflow.

FotoFinder Systems, medicam 1000s, Full HD CrystalView technology
Spectacularly sharp

Extra large chip with Full HD CrystalView technology for more details per pixel.

FotoFinder Systems, medicam 1000s, magnetic spacers

Magnetic spacers as a guarantee for standardized macro images of skin and nail diseases. 

medicam 1000s

Discover a multitude of applications

medicam control panel

Intuitive work at its best: Whether you want to change the zoom, switch between images and lighting modes, confirm or undo steps, the panel on the rear allows you to control various functions quickly and conveniently.

Full HD camera

with CrystalView® technology

An extra-large chip with Full HD CrystalView technology provides more details per pixel and maximum image sharpness in dermoscopy of skin, hair and nails. In addition, the medicam 1000s is brighter than all previous models. The result: high-contrast, spectacular images with sharpness and brilliance beyond comparison, whether for micro, macro or panoramic images.

medicam handle

Elegant and handy, the ergonomic shape of the camera handle allows you to comfortably capture dermoscopic and clinical images. The unique shape of the handle distributes the weight of the medicam evenly and thus combines lightness and perfection, featuring an easy-to-use shutter-release button.

Camera mount system

The FotoFinder camera mount is simple yet crucial for comfortable working. The perfect way to store the medicam safely after taking pictures, without annoying tangled cables. Thanks to the unique camera locking system, the medicam is safely stored even when moving the tower or the workstation.

Docking Station

If the dermoscope components is the system of choice, the Docking Station 1000 with integrated camera holder connects the medicam 1000s to your computer or laptop simply via USB. Video dermoscopy has never been more flexible!

FotoFinder medicam® 1000 s

The benchmark worldwide.

Ahead by far.

D-Scope IV

One lens. A world of views.

The D-Scope IV precision lens combines the sharpest image quality in video dermoscopy with even more convenience. This precision optics is unique: Several lenses with an extremely high light intensity provide crystal clear dermoscopic images with variable optical zoom of 20x to 140x and auto-focus at all
magnification levels. All this while maintaining an impressive optical live zoom. This makes it possible to see all details in high quality during live screening!

The unique TwinLight allows easy switching between polarized and non-polarized light. With or without skin contact. For a new vision of the skin.

The accessory set for the lens contains a closed, an open and a conical front cap.

Closed front cap

For contact dermoscopy with polarized and non-polarized light, the easy-to-clean closed front cap is the perfect choice.
Also available in a set of ten for quick, hygienic changing and disinfecting.

Open front cap

The open front cap is the solution for polarized non-contact dermoscopy.

Conical front cap

Lesions on particularly hard-to-reach localizations, such as the interdigital area, can be easily captured with the conical front cap.



Example of use

In addition to early skin cancer detection, the use of video dermoscopy is ideally suited for the examination of affected skin areas to detect parasitic infestations. Thanks to the optical live zoom, typical dermoscopic patterns of scabies, demodex mites or other parasites (e.g. ticks, fleas, lice) can be visualized at first glance.


Example of use

Dermoscopy as a non-invasive examination method can not only be used specifically for the differentiation of malignant and benign skin tumors, but is also suitable for the examination of dermatoses, such as eczema, rosacea or lichen ruber. This can significantly reduce biopsies.


Example of use

Trichoscopy is an excellent tool for assessing a wide range of hair disorders and for qualitative and quantitative therapy monitoring. Hair experts worldwide trust the outstanding image quality of FotoFinder. With the variable live zoom of the medicam 1000s and D-Scope IV it is possible to visualize the structure of the scalp, follicular units and single hairs with extreme accuracy.

D-Scope III

Optical Super-high Magnification Dermoscopy (OSHMD)

Video dermoscopy with extremely high optical magnification

Optical Super-high Magnification Dermoscopy can be performed with the unique D-Scope III optics together with the medicam 1000s.

FotoFinder D-Scope III is a precision lens for video dermoscopy with extremely high optical magnifications up to 400x. Use it for spectacular color images of skin lesions, microvessels, capillary loops, cell structures and patterns. The images achieved with D-Scope III are a perfect supplement for classic dermoscopy, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy.


Example of use

In addition, D-Scope III can be used for nail fold video capillaroscopy for non-invasive assessment of microcirculation and microvascular abnormalities. Thanks to the magnification of up to 400x, the morphology and blood flow of the capillaries is visualized and makes the circulation of the erythrocytes clearly visible.


The core of our systems

Discover our fully functional systems with the video dermatoscope medicam 1000s as a central element

ATBM master

The future of early skin cancer detection

Automated Total Body Mapping and Dermoscopy become Total Body Dermoscopy.



One platform – tailored to your needs

The all-in-one system for "Dermsthetics" and hair examinations.



The all-rounder for skin, hair, nails

The FotoFinder fully function system for outstanding working comfort in video dermoscopy.


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See the amazing shiny white streaks/chrysalis structures and then the remnants of a pigment network on the edge. You will only see those structures with polarized light.


The new medicam 1000 provides me with a considerably enhanced view of details and structures, which usually are only visible in procedures that are much more complex (regarding the associated cost and required time). The new and brilliant magnification improves the diagnostics of skin tumors tremendously – particularly in the facial area I am able to differentiate very well between benign and malignant skin lesions with the significantly improved magnification of up to 140X.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Blum, Konstanz

The magnification of medicam is just fantastic! It provides clear images of great quality. This is why I chose FotoFinder Systems.

Dr. Balachandra S. Ankad MD, Associate Professor, Department of Dermatology, S. Nijalingappa Medical College in Bagalkot, Karnataka, India

The FotoFinder system provides us with reliable data on the probability of a nevus being benign or malignant. It has helped us to increase the detection rate of melanoma in our daily clinical practice.

Dr. Gustavo Beltrán Grados
Lima, Peru

FotoFinder visualizes

Further areas of application: the FotoFinder added value