FotoFinder studio

The all-in-one-system for skin, moles, hair and nails

Modern dermatology services range from classic medical dermatology to aesthetic procedures and hair consultations. FotoFinder studio bridges the imaging gap between dermatology and aesthetics, combining tools for mole mapping, trichoscopy and aesthetics all in one single device. The modular design makes it possible to tailor the configuration to your needs. Convenient, powerful and flexible!

Excellence in Dermsthetics

Design and performance for your practice: FotoFinder studio

FotoFinder Systems studio PolFlash

For impressive images with both cross and parallel polarization or non-polarized.

FotoFinder Systems studio Portrait stand & rest
Portrait stand & rest

The camera can be easily positioned at five viewing angles - for consistent images of face, neck and scalp.

FotoFinder Systems studio lift control
Height-adjustable workstation

The individual height adjustment allows flexible working while sitting or standing.

FotoFinder Systems studio medicam 1000s
medicam 1000s

Full HD video camera medicam 1000s with optical live-zoom, for a visual journey into the skin structures.

FotoFinder Systems studio FotoFinder AI
FotoFinder AI

Moleanalyzer pro for analysis and pre-assessment of melanocytic and non-melanocytic lesions.

FotoFinder Systems studio Trichoscale AI
Trichoscale AI

Digital quantification of hair growth and hair loss based on Artificial Intelligence.

One platform – tailored to your needs

For skin imaging, leading physicians and scientists worldwide rely on FotoFinder quality. The modular design of FotoFinder studio makes it possible to combine various imaging platforms:


Mole mapping & Artificial Intelligence

Video documentation and dermoscopy
for early skin cancer detection through mole mapping and comparison of skin lesions - powered by FotoFinder AI.



Hair consultation made easy

Extensive trichoscopy functions
for examination and assessment of hair growth and hair loss - supported by the TrichoLAB Service and the unique tool Trichoscale AI.



Consistent before-and-after facial photography

Brilliant photos and consulting features
for patient communication, standardized before-and-after photography and photo documentation.


PolFlash lighting system

The computer-controlled PolFlash system features cross and parallel polarization as well as non-polarized photography. Cross polarization removes reflections and delivers impressive images of different skin conditions causing redness and pigmentation, such as spider veins, rosacea, telangiectasia or sun damage. With parallel polarization, skin unevenness and wrinkles can be documented in brilliant quality.



Portrait Stand

with forehead and chin rest

The Portrait Stand with its unique PolFlash lighting system can be rotated 180° from left to right. Conveniently position the camera at five angles - the camera arm easily locks into the desired position for precisely reproducible adjustment at follow-up visits.
Use the special forehead rest for scalp photography to take impressive cross-polarized global pictures that visualize the areas affected by hair loss. Switch to the chin rest for facial aesthetics and take brilliant, perfectly illuminated before-and-after photos of the face, neck and décolleté.


Lift control

The guarantee for a contemporary and flexible working environment: The lift control allows the seamless electronic height adjustment of the FotoFinder studio workstation. The lifting column moves the system quickly and smoothly to the desired height and ensures full stability in any position. For maximum ergonomics and working comfort! At the touch of a button, the workstation assumes exactly the height that is ideal for your team and your patients - whether sitting or standing.


medicam 1000s

Use the medicam 1000s as an impressive all-round camera: Whether in dermoscopy, trichoscopy or for the microscopic evaluation of all types of skin conditions.

Together with the D-Scope IV lens, the medicam 1000s delivers impressive full HD quality for micro, macro and clinical images and enables hygienic working thanks to exchangeable front caps. The medicam 1000s is operated intuitively via the panel on the back of the camera. Experience razor-sharp images that visualize moles and vascular structures in incredible quality, polarized or non-polarized, with or without skin contact. With optical live zoom, so all details can be seen in highest quality already in the live image!

The medicam can be combined with the D-Scope III lens for Optical Super-high Magnification Dermoscopy.



Video dermoscopy and documentation of skin & nails

Use FotoFinder studio with the dermoscope platform for early skin cancer detection. The software offers lots of features for video dermoscopy, mole mapping and comparison of skin lesions. The FotoFinder Artificial Intelligence in the Moleanalyzer pro software supports you in the analysis and pre-assessment of skin lesions. For improved accuracy – verified in multiple clinical studies!

The FotoFinder AI Score

Artificial intelligence in the assessment of lesions

The optional AI score is the perfect support for the pre-assessment of melanocytic and non-melanocytic skin lesions. Whether melanoma in situ or basal cell carcinoma, the sensitivity and specificity is impressive! To use the full benefits of Artificial Intelligence, you need internet access and a "PRO" account in the FotoFinder Hub.





The benchmark in hair consultation

FotoFinder and TrichoLAB provide comprehensive functions for measuring and examining hair growth and hair loss. The Trichoscale AI tool uses Artificial Intelligence to determine various parameters and for the digital trichogram. Improve your hair consultation with the TrichoLAB Service and get an accurate trichoscopy report as a basis for your decision – without plucking, shaving or biopsy!                 


Hair transplant planning

& documentation

Special attention to hair surgeons: With the TrichoLAB Transplanner, you can design hair transplants fast and easily. With reliable figures, the software helps you to determine - without shaving the patient - how many grafts need to be extracted and inserted to obtain an optimal result.



Visualize the difference!

FotoFinder aesthetics is the platform for consistent before-and-after photography and consultation, which can be configured to your products and services with the customizable Proposer tool. Develop personalized treatment plans and show your patients the progress and success of your procedures!

Proposer software

Skincare products are an important source of revenue in every aesthetic practice. The FotoFinder Proposer software boosts and improves your consultation performance and helps you sell more products and treatments – making your FotoFinder system even more versatile!

Highlight the desired treatment area on your clients' photos and select the recommended treatments or procedures using drag-and-drop functionality. Select the best skincare products from your customized product database. By the click of a mouse, you can print out the personalized report in high-resolution for presenting to the patient. Who could resist your treatment suggestion?



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