Automated Total Body Mapping

The ATBM II is the new, completely redesigned version of the original ATBM®. The Automated Total Body Mapping (= Total Body Photography) procedure helps diagnose melanoma as early as possible based on the "two-step method of digital follow-up". It has revolutionized the skin check with an intelligent combination of video dermoscopy and full body mapping.



ATBM master

Total Body Dermoscopy

The new ATBM® master reinvents Total Body Mapping as Total Body Dermoscopy. It enables you to assess the microscopic structure of moles already in the full body photo. With spectacular image quality, increased speed and new features to visualize the “ugly duckling” at a glance it helps you to save time and increase diagnostic accuracy.



The goal is not the early detection of skin cancer, but the earliest detection!

FotoFinder bodystudio ATBM® for Automated Total Body Mapping is the world benchmark when it comes to the management of high-risk patients for melanoma, allowing you to document and analyze skin and moles super-fast and with high accuracy.

Powered by FotoFinder artificial intelligence, the ATBM workflow saves you time and produces brilliant images that help you to find new and changed lesions fast and easily. All ATBM systems intelligently combine Total Body Photography and dermoscopy. That is the FotoFinder standard for double safety in the earliest detection of skin cancer!

The new ATBM generation allows a complete, consistent, high-resolution documentation of the skin twice as fast as the previous model, with novel software features, state-of-the-art encryption technologies and a new user administration.

Visualize the „ugly duckling“
Recent studies show that 71% of all melanomas do not develop from existing moles, but develop de novo on healthy skin. In order to diagnose these as early as possible, complete prevention must include not only individual moles but the entire skin through an intelligent combination of automated whole body photography and video dermoscopy. This "two-step method of digital follow-up" is the most advanced method for monitoring the skin and is used by opinion leaders worldwide with FotoFinder.


Further areas of application: the FotoFinder added value

FotoFinder systems create added value through modular design and multi-functionality. Discover a wide range of applications that can be adapted to the performance spectrum of your practice at any time!


It is a gift from heaven if we discover skin changes in time with the help of total body mapping. This way we can reveal lesions on the way to melanoma that we would otherwise have gone through. As harmless as it sounds, but you're really saving lives. And not infrequently. Moreover, the process is considerably faster than our previous methods.

Tanja Fischer, MD, Germany

We also started with the body mapping. In my opinion, both the individual lesion and the overview image are important. If we can capture both with one machine, it's best.

Prof. Harald Kittler, Vienna