Total Body Mapping and Dermoscopy are now Total Body Dermoscopy

With great pleasure, the FotoFinder family announces the marriage of Automated Total Body Photography and Dermoscopy: now, they are Total Body Dermoscopy! The new FotoFinder ATBM master allows you to assess moles without using a dermatoscope: Thanks to the sophisticated camera technology and the powerful image processing, dermoscopic structures are already visible in the clinical image. Use the integrated video dermatoscope medicam 1000s only for those lesions that require further examination!

The intelligent, multifunctional platform with sleek design is the new benchmark in terms of elegance and user ergonomics – and versatile in its use, with modules for hair diagnostics, aesthetics and psoriasis documentation with the unique PASIscan.

Bodyscan master with Mosaic View

The Bodyscan master identifies new and changed skin lesions, cuts the mole icons out of the total body image and arranges them according to their relevance.

True video dermoscopy with CrystalView technology

Seamlessly integrated Full HD video camera medicam 1000s with optical live zoom and variable magnification. Direct linking of body maps and micro images with mole history at a glance.

Truly mobile ATBM tower

Turnkey installed, truly mobile ATBM tower with FotoFinder high-performance quality hardware. Suited for standalone or multi-user-installations.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Moleanalyzer pro AI Score supports the analysis and risk assessment of skin lesions. ATBM master integrates this technology even further to optimize Total Body Dermoscopy results.

Super-high resolution images with PolFlash XE

The ATBM master procedure provides extremely high-resolution, polarized and RAW-processed photos. The proprietary computer-controlled xenon flash PolFlash XE allows both cross-polarized medical imaging as well as studio lighting for aesthetics.

Super-fast and delegable imaging procedure

The ATBM master has the best processing unit we ever built. The procedure is extremely fast, intuitive and delegable.

Total Body Dermoscopy

Reinvention of Total Body Mapping as Total Body Dermoscopy:

The new Total Body Dermoscopy workflow helps to find suspicious, new and changed moles much faster and more precisely than before and significantly reduces the examination time.

With extremely high-resolution, polarized and RAW-processed photos, it is already possible to assess the structure of moles in the whole-body image. The supplementary video dermatoscope medicam 1000s enables an extensive visual journey into the structures of the skin, enlarged up to 400 times – from full body to cell body, from dermoscopy to confoscopy!

The mosaic of moles – unmask the “ugly duckling”.

The ATBM master offers support in finding suspicious lesions with brand new features. The unique Mosaic View detects skin lesions out of the total body image and arranges them according to their relevance. This enables you to unmask the “ugly duckling” among the moles at a glance! As 71% of all melanomas develop de novo, the Bodyscan helps you to identify even small new pigment spots as well as changed lesions fast and accurately. Because the goal is not the early detection of skin cancer, but the earliest detection!

The evolution of revolution

FotoFinder invented the ATBM procedure. The new ATBM master makes Total Body Dermoscopy possible for the first time. The combination of the “whole skin” imaging procedure with artificial intelligence and novel software functions for the visualization of lesions will lead to improved diagnostic accuracy.

Thanks to the precise high-resolution documentation, new software tools and the capability to future implementation of machine learning tools, the advanced Total Body Mapping technology will dramatically improve digital follow-up in high-risk patients. The workflow improves by reducing time for acquisition of standardized total body maps with high quality images in 2-D. In Barcelona, we run a busy pigmented lesions clinic with a central image reading room, seven dedicated rooms for digital follow-up using different systems and additional rooms for other imaging examinations. With the new Total Body Mapping solution we can potentially reduce the number of individual lesions for a dermoscopic monitoring. [...]

Dermatologist, Centro de Diagnosis Dermatológica and Hospital Clinic | Barcelona, Spain

I think that the FotoFinder bodystudio ATBM has the potential to change the way we are doing digital monitoring. Usually we select lesions by hand-held dermatoscopy, and then we take pictures and follow them up. The potential I see with this machine is that I stop taking care of the single mole, but just do total body, and then I do the side-by-side comparison because I don't have to go into too much detail regarding the morphology of a single globule. I need to know if a lesion is changing symmetrically or asymmetrically and that is what I can get from polarized total body photography.

Naples, Italy

The time required to perform body mapping by the new ATBM model is much less than compared to the previous model. What excites us is the possible option of identifying dermatoscopic structures directly in the clinical image. The Mosaic’ represents a great help, since it allows an initial comparative approach to assess the lesion characteristics of a certain patient.

Rosario, Argentina

This method will significantly enhance our daily routine since it will allow us to quickly dermoscopically scan the vast majority of moles without the need to apply dermoscopy. Then, we will be able to focus only on those moles, which are not so typical from a dermatoscopic point of view. This means that the total time of each examination will be much shorter and we will be able to examine many more patients.

Thessaloniki, Greece

Moleanalyzer pro®

Artificial Intelligence in the assessment of lesions

The Moleanalyzer pro supports you in the evaluation of lesions in many ways, supported by FotoFinder artificial intelligence (AI). Moleanalyzer pro analyzes melanocytic as well as non-melanocytic skin lesions and calculates an AI Score for mole risk assessment, based on a Deep Learning algorithm that is continuously fed with new data. In the study “Man against machine” (University Hospital of Heidelberg, Holger Haenssle, the FotoFinder algorithm achieved impressively high results in sensitivity and specificity and was able to compete with experienced physicians.

  • Analysis and measurement of structures
  • Image comparison with quantification of changes
  • Evaluation on the basis of the current checklists
  • Mole risk assessment with artificial intelligence
  • Second opinion service by renowned experts


FotoFinder Bodyscan

New and changed lesions at a glance

The Bodyscan ATBM has redefined the comparison of baseline and follow-up images. The fully automatic, integrated expert system detects changed and new lesions already during image acquisition.

The results are immediately available and can be shown or hidden with a click. In this way, the Bodyscan helps you to identify malignant changes as well as “de novo” melanomas at the earliest possible stage.

For double safety in early skin cancer prevention!

The bodystudio ATBM® master.


THE FUTURE IS Total Body Dermoscopy!


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