Smart Solution

The Trinity in eDermoscopy


Smart Devices

The mobile handyscope devices have been designed to be the ultimate eDermoscopy tools for any smartphone or tablet.


handyscope pro

eDermoscopy App

Explore the most comfortable, inimitably flexible and truly mobile app solution for dermoscopy, powered by FotoFinder AI.


FotoFinder Hub

Cloud Service

Unleash the potential for a world of eDermoscopy with the most powerful, flexible and intelligent cloud solution. 



FotoFinder handyscope
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The smart solution project

Working together, because we care

We love dermoscopy! This passion unites our two companies and is the basis on which we decided to embark on this exciting and rewarding project to make eDermoscopy easier, more versatile and accessible to everyone. We are proud to present the results of our cooperation and to further develop this common idea!

For many years we have been speaking and publishing on "Mobile teledermoscopy - melanoma diagnosis  by one click?" And now .... I envision that the handyscope will do the job.

Prof. H. Peter Soyer, Brisbane