FotoFinder handyscope

The most mobile dermatoscope for iPhone and iPod

In 2010 we reinvented dermoscopy with the handyscope. It turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a digital dermatoscope and opens up a whole world of eDermoscopy!

Capture brilliant images of moles, hair and scalp with the touch of a finger. Evaluate lesions using our Second Opinion Service or the Artificial Intelligence Score. Use the TrichoLAB SnAPP and turn your smartphone into a platform for trichoscopy, with access to the expertise of renowned hair specialists!

Precision optics

Excellent images thanks to the combination of FotoFinder precision optics and the Apple device camera. Autofocus for consistent images with 20x magnification.

Intuitive App

Freeze, save and add localization, patient data and comments to images. Encrypted storage in the password-protected app. Photos sorted chronologically and automatically with date and time.

Much more than just a lens

Individually adjustable features, depending on personal workflow. Long-term organization of images in the secure FotoFinder Hub. SSL-secured e-mail transmission directly from the app.

TwinLight for Immersion & Polarization

Switch button for easy switching between polarized and non-polarized light. Attachments for contact and non-contact dermoscopy.

Light, elegant, perfect fit

Functional design in which the iPhone fits perfectly. The sliding mechanism ensures a firm fit and optimum position of the lens system in front of the camera. Developed and manufactured in Germany.

Long LED power with battery indicator

Powerful battery for up to eight hours of LED illumination. The control LED lights up when the charge is below 25%. Easy charging with the standard USB cable.


FotoFinder handyscope
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Non-invasive hair diagnosis digital and wireless with handyscope and TrichoLAB

Whether digital trichogram or trichoscopy: The handyscope is ideal for your hair consultations! No shaving, no epilation or biopsy needed!

A new era in eDermoscopy and teledermatology with FotoFinder Hub

FotoFinder Hub is the versatile web storage for your handyscope. Private user groups make the FotoFinder Hub a platform for teledermatology projects!

More about Hub

The smart alternative to the classical handheld dermatoscope!

Capture, store and score - this is how convenient a quick mole screening can be! At a comfortable distance during the examination.


The App Video

Introducing the handyscope 3 App by our latest video in almost one minute. 

More about AI read here.

Pocket-sized dermatoscopy

The new handyscope 3 App

A new era of eDermoscopy has begun: The new handyscope 3 App brings artificial intelligence for risk assessment of birthmarks into wireless practice. In addition, a second opinion can be requested at the touch of a finger by a globally recognized team of experts. Together with the handyscope attachment for iPhone or iPod, this solution opens up completely new possibilities for dermatoscopy, independent of the computer or consultation room!

The app functions in detail:

  • Password protection via Touch-ID. 
  • Easy recording by touching the display.
  • Autofocus and 20x magnification.
  • Localization assignment on the virtual patient.
  • Automatic storage with recording date and time. 
  • Optional addition of patient data and comments. 
  • Optional, chargeable AI score and second opinion service.
  • Credits possible via Hub account or in-app purchase.   
  • E-mail function with SSL support. 
  • Highest security standards (HIPAA). 
  • Many other individual functions can be set. 
  • Transfer of data from previous app versions. 

The AI score

Lesions can optionally be evaluated using artificial intelligence. Within seconds, the app provides an AI score (Artificial Intelligence Score), which supports the physician in the risk assessment of skin lesions. The validation results from the worldwide study "Man against Machine" confirm the high accuracy of the algorithm.

Second opinion ad hoc

The FotoFinder Hub acts as web storage with unlimited storage space. Here, images can be compared to detect suspicious changes at an early stage. It is also possible to upload images locally, create clear reports for patients and connect multiple handyscope devices to the FotoFinder Hub account.

FotoFinder Hub.

The platform for eDermoscopy®!

The web storage with added value: Store handyscope images and data in your personal area securely and independently of the iPhone! Use advanced functions such as image comparison, personalized printing, the Artificial Intelligence Score or the Second Opinion Service by world-class dermoscopists!

There's no software to install, just use the web browser on your PC or Mac. So you can conveniently manage your handyscope images online wherever you are. Digital dermoscopy has never been that smart!

To FotoFinder Hub

FotoFinder wireless.

Wirelessly flexible.

Would you like to view dermoscopic findings on your iPad? Take pictures with a mobile and wireless device, independently from your computer? And keep all data securely on your server or in the network? All this is possible with FotoFinder universe wireless.

Ideal for beginners or as a supplement to the existing FotoFinder system, the wireless solution opens up new, ground-breaking possibilities for the modern doctor’s office, with maximum freedom in terms of combination and dynamic use of mobile and stationary devices.

Further areas of application: the FotoFinder added value

FotoFinder systems create added value through modular design and multi-functionality. Discover a wide range of applications that can be adapted to the performance spectrum of your practice at any time!