It is not a video dermatoscope.

It is an all-encompassing experience. For skin. Hair. Nails.

The medicam 1000 represents the sharpest images in video dermoscopy and amazes dermoscopists worldwide. For the new generation medicam 1000s in elegant black, our camera masters have worked on the design to combine brilliant quality with even greater ease of use and lightness, optimized for the new precision optics D-Scope IV. Absolutely familiar. Completely new.

The new D-Scope IV lens with TwinLight allows easy switching between polarized and non-polarized light, with or without contact, for a new vision of the skin.

Easy to connect

Together with the elegant Docking Station suitable for all common USB ports.

Precision optics

Variable optical magnification. Live zoom with autofocus. Bright LEDs for brilliant macro and panoramic images.

Immersion & Polarization

TwinLight for easy switching between polarized and non-polarized light. With or without contact.

You control it intuitively

Intuitive software control via the rear panel.

Spectaculary sharp

Extra large chip with Full HD CrystalView technology for more details per pixel. Crystal clear, high-contrast, brilliant!


Spacers for impressive macro images, for example of nails.

medicam 1000s. Shiny on the outside. Masterfully solved inside.

The medicam 1000s offers spectacular sharpness in video dermoscopy and surpasses its predecessors and rivals in image quality and performance.


FotoFinder medicam 1000

The new standard. Ahead by far.

Sharpest Full HD quality

with optical live-zoom

Patented precision optics for variable

magnification up to 140x

Intuitive control of the software

via the panel on the rear 

Dynamic application

of wireless media, e.g. tablets

Special attachments for fluorescence

diagnostics and capillaroscopy

Suitable for all common

USB ports

D-Scope IV. A new view of the skin.

High Magnification Dermoscopy

Spectacular images of capillaries and lesions and their cell structures, magnified up to 400 times, with the special lens D-Scope III, the perfect complement to Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy.

FotoFinder dermoscope vexia

The all-rounder in hectic day-to-day practice.

The FotoFinder system for highest working comfort in dermoscopy. This equipment makes video documentation even more compact, robust and convenient. Manoeuvrable, stable and unconditionally reliable in continuous operation, the device is the ideal cast for the practice and clinic and demonstrates high-tech in the service of the patient. The system is installed on a turnkey basis and is ideally suited for networks thanks to highly developed hardware and powerful SQL database.

Visualize non-melanoma skin cancer with the FotoFinder FDlens.

Actinic keratoses and basal cell carcinomas are often not clearly visible to the naked eye. Fluorescence diagnostics (FD) can be used to visualize the lateral extent of non-melanoma skin tumors. The FotoFinder FDlens enables brilliant fluorescence images with minimal effort after application of a photosensitizer!


dermoscope components

It is all up to you.

FotoFinder medicam® 1000

The new benchmark for video dermoscopy.

Moleanalyzer pro®

Artifical Intelligence in skin cancer diagnostics

The new Moleanalyzer pro supports you in assessing lesions in many ways.

  • Artificial Intelligence for support in mole risk assessment
  • Second Opinion Service by renowned experts
  • Analysis and measurement of all important parameters
  • Lesion evolution visualized with quantification of changes
  • Lesion evaluation with 3- or 7-point checklist and ABCD rule


The new medicam 1000 provides me with a considerably enhanced view of details and structures, which usually are only visible in procedures that are much more complex (regarding the associated cost and required time). The new and brilliant magnification improves the diagnostics of skin tumors tremendously – particularly in the facial area I am able to differentiate very well between benign and malignant skin lesions with the significantly improved magnification of up to 140X.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Blum, Konstanz

The magnification of medicam is just fantastic! It provides clear images of great quality. This is why I chose FotoFinder Systems.

Dr. Balachandra S. Ankad MD, Associate Professor, Department of Dermatology, S. Nijalingappa Medical College in Bagalkot, Karnataka, India

The FotoFinder system provides us with reliable data on the probability of a nevus being benign or malignant. It has helped us to increase the detection rate of melanoma in our daily clinical practice.

Dr. Gustavo Beltrán Grados, Dermatólogo, Lima, Peru

Further areas of application: the FotoFinder added value

FotoFinder systems create added value through modular design and multi-functionality. Discover a wide range of applications that can be adapted to the performance spectrum of your practice at any time!