FotoFinder studio

Dermsthetics and hair examinations - all in one system

The new FotoFinder solution combines tools for hair diagnostics and hair surgery, mole mapping and aesthetics all in one single device. 

1. Skin & scalp photography

The portrait stand with unique PolFlash lighting system can be swiveled 180° from left to right and guarantees consistent photography. With the headrest for scalp photography, you can take impressive cross-polarized global pictures to visualize the areas affected by hair loss. Switch to the chin rest for aesthetics and take brilliant, perfectly illuminated before-and-after photos of face, neck and décolleté. 

2. A multifunctional imaging platform

The modular setup allows combining various imaging platforms:

Use the FotoFinder dermoscope for mole mapping and dermoscopy – for follow-up, comparison and analysis of skin lesions bsed on FotoFinder AI.  

FotoFinder aesthetics with the customized Proposer tool is the  platform for before and after photography and consultation.  Create personalized treatment plans or use the Adonia Compare  software to analyze facial images for redness and pigment damage.

Speed up your hair consultations with the TrichoLAB service and  receive a precise trichoscopy report as base for diagnosis, whereas  the Trichoscale pro software is the tool for digital trichograms.

3. Dermoscopy of skin, hair & nail

Use the medicam as an impressive all-round camera: no matter whether in dermoscopy, trichoscopy or inflammoscopy, you can take panoramic and micro images in brilliant and spectacularly sharp quality. TwinLight guarantees convenient switching between immersion and polarization, with or without contact. 

+ Hair transplant planning & documentation

Special attention to hair surgeons: With the new TrichoLAB TransPlanner you can design hair transplants fast and easily. With reliable figures, it helps you to determine without shaving the patient, how many grafts have to be excised and inserted to obtain an optimal result.

Contact and non-contact dermoscopy

Exchangeable front caps for dermoscopy with or without skin contact. Conical front cap for hard-to-reach lesions.

Precision optics

Variable magnification. Optical live zoom with autofocus. Bright LEDs for brilliant macro and panoramic images.

Immersion & polarization

TwinLight for easy switching between polarized and non-polarized light.

You control it intuitively

Intuitive software control via the rear panel.

Spectacularly sharp

Extra large chip with Full HD CrystalView technology for more details per pixel. Crystal clear, high-contrast, brilliant!


Spacers for impressive macro images, for example of nails.

FotoFinder studio components.

Powerful and easy to use!

Further areas of application: the FotoFinder added value

FotoFinder systems create added value through modular design and multi-functionality. Discover a wide range of applications that can be adapted to the performance spectrum of your practice at any time!