FotoFinder dermoscope vexia

The FotoFinder system for highest working comfort in dermoscopy. This equipment makes video documentation even more compact, robust and convenient. Manoeuvrable, stable and unconditionally reliable in continuous operation, the device is the ideal cast for the practice and clinic and demonstrates high-tech in the service of the patient. The system is installed on a turnkey basis and is ideally suited for networks thanks to highly developed hardware and powerful SQL database.

FotoFinder dermoscope vexia

- our most popular image system

  • Documents simply everything, whether skin, hair, nails
  • Mobile and manoeuvrable thanks to sturdy castors
  • The sharpest images with live optical zoom
  • Intuitive, future-proof software platform
  • Moleanalyzer pro with AI-Score (optional)
  • Highest data security thanks to state-of-the-art encryption technology
  • Multi-user management, GDT interface to practice software
  • Dynamic use of wireless media, e.g. tablets

FotoFinder medicam 1000s

The new standard. Ahead by far.

Sharpest Full HD quality

with stepless optical live zoom

Patented precision optics for variable

Magnification up to 140x

Intuitive control of soft- and

ware about the panel on the backside

Dynamic use

of wireless media, e.g. tablets

Special Attachments for Fluorescence

diagnostics and capillaroscopy

Suitable for 2.0 / 3.0

USB ports

Moleanalyzer pro®

Artificial Intelligence in the assessment of lesions

The Moleanalyzer pro supports you in the evaluation of lesions in many ways, supported by FotoFinder artificial intelligence (AI). Moleanalyzer pro analyzes melanocytic as well as non-melanocytic skin lesions and calculates an AI Score for mole risk assessment, based on a Deep Learning algorithm that is continuously fed with new data. In the study “Man against machine” (University Hospital of Heidelberg, Holger Haenssle, the FotoFinder algorithm achieved impressively high results in sensitivity and specificity and was able to compete with experienced physicians.

  • Analysis and measurement of structures
  • Image comparison with quantification of changes
  • Evaluation on the basis of the current checklists
  • Mole risk assessment with artificial intelligence
  • Second opinion service by renowned experts


FotoFinder Silent Medical Server.

Powerful and unconditionally reliable!

Further areas of application: the FotoFinder added value

FotoFinder systems create added value through modular design and multi-functionality. Discover a wide range of applications that can be adapted to the performance spectrum of your practice at any time!