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Talleres avanzados de la práctica para la práctica

Formación práctica, conocimientos especializados profundos, discusión de casos y diagnósticos propios - la Academia FotoFinder combina todo esto en talleres prácticos y tiene como objetivo proporcionar una educación de la más alta calidad. Únase a los eventos de formación avanzada con conferencistas de primera clase sobre una amplia variedad de temas en dermatología. Los principiantes obtendrán una visión general bien fundamentada y los expertos tendrán la oportunidad de profundizar sus conocimientos y discutir sus propios casos.

Los cursos están dirigidos a especialistas o residentes en dermatología.

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La filosofía de la dermatoscopia

con Harald Kittler, MD (Viena) y Aimilios Lallas, MD (Tesalónica).

18 - 20 de Febrero de 2021 en Bad Birnbach, Alemania

El idioma del curso es el inglés.

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This workshop is maybe the best dermoscopy activity I’ve ever taken part in – I’m pretty happy to be here. The FotoFinder Dermoscopy Power Days are a nice event with high quality, the lessons will improve my dermoscopy knowledge. In our country we see a high number of melanoma each year. At the moment, I work with FotoFinder in order to examine and to detect skin cancer as early as possible as well as to control high risk patients. In the future, we will expand to use the FotoFinder for psoriasis and trichoscopy.

Dermatologist | San José, Costa Rica

It is a great experience. The lectures are very interesting and were held by the top experts in the world – Professor Argenziano and Professor Soyer. We also have the opportunity to enjoy the Bavarian food, the Bavarian culture and meet people from all over the world to expand our knowledge and exchange ideas. It was a very great experience for us! Although we are very recent FotoFinder users, we can definitely say that this system has upgraded the diagnostic level of our private clinic and patients are really excited with its clarity. FotoFinder is an irreplaceable tool for our clinical and research projects on genetic predisposition for the detection of melanocytic nevi.

Dermatologists – Venereologists | Athens, Greece

This is a very good experience for me: I would say I’m not a beginner, I’m a user, but I have to develop myself everyday – otherwise I stop developing. Thanks to these two excellent speakers and the many case studies, I can gather a lot of knowledge for myself and expand my own knowledge. I would like FotoFinder to continue this educational program. Not only doctors in my clinic love this device, but also our patients because it’s great when they can see the comparison of their changed lesions on the screen. I’m looking forward to cooperating with FotoFinder in the future – especially Total Body Dermoscopy – and I will soon be able to work with the new ATBM master in my clinic.

Dermatovenereologist | Riga, Latvia