A new dimension of „whole skin“ control


FotoFinder Systems revolutionizes Automated Body Mapping (ATBM®) and embarks on a dermatoscopic journey from whole body to cell body. At the 24th World Congress of Dermatology (WCD) in Milan, the company presents a world innovation. For the first time, the launch of the new bodystudio ATBM master enables the use of Total Body Dermoscopy. With the help of the intelligent interaction of hardware, camera technology and special software the structure of skin lesions can already be evaluated by the physician based on a clinical image.

In addition, an even deeper visual journey into the smallest cell structures of the skin - with up to 400x magnification. The integrated fully automated Bodyscan technology identifies the existing skin lesions out of the total body image and arranges them according to their relevance. This enables the physician to identify atypical moles or lesions – the “ugly duckling sign” – that are different from the others at first glance.

Artificial Intelligence meets human experience

"FotoFinder is a pioneer in artificial intelligence in the field of skin cancer diagnostics. The FotoFinder bodystudio ATBM master uses the powerful FotoFinder AI once again. For high-risk patients, the early detection of malignant skin tumors means a potentially vital gain in time," explains Kathrin Niemela, member of the FotoFinder management board.

The AI-based expert software Moleanalyzer pro supports the physicians in the analysis and risk assessment of skin lesions. The system is based on one of the most powerful deep learning algorithms that have been evaluated in clinical tests so far. In the "Man against Machine" study conducted at the University Hospital of Heidelberg, the FotoFinder algorithm achieved an impressively high diagnostic accuracy and can compete with experienced dermoscopy experts.