Plans and Pricing

FotoFinder Hub provides different payment plans according to your personal requirements. The free Trial Plan allows you to upload and organize up to 50 images, completely free of charge.

The STARTER Plan is the best solution for you, if you mainly use the FotoFinder Hub as your backup solution. The PLUS Plan and PRO Plan provide additional features and more space for image uploads. FotoFinder Trichoscale needs to be installed locally. It is possible to access your images stored in FotoFinder Hub directly with the STARTER, PLUS or PRO plan.

Users can easily upgrade from one plan to the next and cancel the same at any time. The payment is processed by monthly credit card charges.

Payments can be reviewed and downloaded from your personal invoice page.

The FotoFinder Second Opinion Service is managed through a credit point system. Users can obtain credits via a credit card gateway and purchase credits in several package sizes for second opinion requests. Each requested image will reduce the user’s credit point account by 25 credits.


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